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Weiner's Sexting Partner

Thonged Out

For His Pleasure

7/25/2013 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things got real cheeky between NYC mayor hopeful Anthony Weiner and his latest sexting partner -- TMZ has obtained a pic she sent to him on Facebook ... showing off her ass in a thong ... and that's just the beginning. 

23-year-old Sydney Elaine Leathers tells TMZ she sent the photo to Weiner in July 2012, modeling a cheeky-cut lace thong (good choice) ... in what appears to be her bathroom (bad choice).

Weiner admitted yesterday he sexted long after he resigned from Congress in 2011, but finally nipped his sexting problem in the bud last summer ... around when Leathers sent the thong photo.

Leathers says ... Weiner was very persistent in his naughty picture requests, asking her to send all sorts of naked photos ... more than 30 in total. But we're told Weiner also has a foot fetish, and regularly asked for pics of Leathers' feet in heels. Of course, this was all allegedly in exchange for pictures of his own naked ... weiner.

And the relationship wasn't just online either, we're told Weiner regularly spoke to Leathers on the phone -- in fact, Weiner was adamant about speaking to her because he enjoyed telling her about his sex dreams ... most of which involved her. Shower sex was allegedly one of his favorite topics ... his wife, Huma, was not.

As we reported, Weiner now claims the entire sexting debacle "is entirely behind me," and that he's moving full steam ahead with his mayoral campaign. Good luck with that.



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lets boobs...buck teeth..crazy eyes...fat mid section..and love handles....dont feel angry towards Weiner feel sorry for the dude he is CLEARLY blind and retarded if he thinks this "thing" is remotely cute.

392 days ago


What a role model for his young son. Just awful. That poor kid better have a good shrink and some nice friends when he turns 13.

392 days ago


Weiner took an oath or a vow when he got married. Why would one think he would take the oath/vow to be a public servant and the outcome would be different?
The girl knew he was married. Nice. No wonder women can never band together and make a difference. Skank.

392 days ago


I bet Wiener masturbates to the 'Leg Lamp' from Christmas Story all day long only stopping to give speeches denying such.

392 days ago


This should be a warning he will not put our country first...When you are in office you are taking tax payer $ in exchange for power. It's a 24 hr job as things come up. While Clinton was in office they came to him and said we have Bin Laden in our sight but he was busy with Monica Lewinsky. They had already bombed us but without much damage. That one mistake cost over 3K people their lives so anyone who thinks their personal life should be there own, DON'T RUN FOR OFFICE. We need leaders, not more self indulgent power hungry politicians. Let's get back to being the super power we once were and we can't do that with people that are not willing to put in 100% while they are in office.

392 days ago


You picked a proper avatar to match your comments. It seems you are every bit as bigoted and stupid as Archie. Only problem is that he was a tv character while you are real.

392 days ago


The women are just as nasty as self respect at all...

392 days ago

Carlos Danger    

Sydney Elaine, you suck.... really you do.

392 days ago


I get Weiner...pervs are a dime a dozen and so are the floozies that play with them. What I don't get is the wife. Classy, educated, amazing career...why is she still with this a s s hole?

392 days ago


TMZ- Her friend has said they decided to try to make money off this relationship when she realized Weiner was no good. How much did you pay her for these pictures??

392 days ago


Kinda funny he's the looker in the relationship :)

392 days ago


How pathetic!! Weiner is one sick pervert and should never hold public office !! I suggest his wife is a political climber who picked the wrong guy!!! She could learn from Jenny Sanford!!

392 days ago

BB not bb

The corporate world is using Carlos Danger as their new spokesperson. I guess the sleazy image fits their agenda. They are using this persona to sell airfares on Spirit Airlines.

Now why would they think that is a good idea? Everyone seems to hate Weiner for what he was alleged to have done.

392 days ago


Ewww ol butta faced ass homewrecker. Those panties almost up to arm pits anyways. Smh.

392 days ago


As much as i dont like sleezy politicians, gotta admit i feel bad for him. He clearly suffers from a severe sexual addiction and is in denial about. He should be focusing full steam ahead on his recovery not his campaign. Pray for any addict who is still lost in the addiction...

392 days ago
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