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Beth Chapman

Arrest Warrant Issued

7/25/2013 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Beth Chapman is learning the hard way ... you don't call another chick a whore and a slut in Colorado ... because she's now facing imminent arrest.

Beth and hubby Dog the Bounty Hunter were fishing at a lake earlier this month when a car roared by ... which didn't sit well with the famous couple and their kids.  Beth allegedly began berating the teenage passenger, whom she called a tramp, a whore and a slut, among other choice words.

The situation escalated ... and Beth called 911, claiming one of the people in the party she confronted was ominously carrying a gun with his hand on the grip.

By the time cops arrived, Beth and her brood had split.  But the teen filed a criminal harassment complaint.  Under Colorado law, if someone taunts, challenges or uses "coarse language" against someone, it's a crime.  It appears slut and whore qualify.

So cops issued a summons for Beth to appear in court on the misdemeanor harassment charge.  Law enforcement tells TMZ ... they called her on her cell several times to come down to the station to pick up the summons, but she blew them off.

So police issued an arrest warrant, which means Dog could make some money by cuffing his wife and taking her to the station -- kidding.

Cops tell us ... Beth's lawyer has already contacted them, and arranged for Beth to turn herself in and accept the summons.

BTW ... Colorado cops tell us ... the guy with the gun didn't violate the law, and in Colorado you can walk into a grocery story with a gun in holster and it's perfectly legal.


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Who is her Lawyer Harvey Stenberg?

433 days ago


"Under Colorado law, if someone taunts, challenges or uses "coarse language" against someone, it's a crime." THANK YOU LIBERALS go get your lollipop now

433 days ago

BB not bb    

This sounds like a law designed to control the redneck threat.

433 days ago


So in Colorado threatening someone with a gun is fine but calling them a name will get you thrown in court? God, no wonder the Aurora shooting happened there...a state full of morons.

433 days ago


The law is the law and whether one agrees or likes the law citizens are responsible to obey the law. If you don't like the law then change it. The fact is Beth broke the law. They always claim to represent the law but have trouble following it. They think laws pertain to everyone but them an every time they get caught they put out a spin to justify it. One episode they were pulled over 4-5 times for failure to obey traffic laws. They talk on cell phones while driving in Hawaii. What can you expect from people who bail criminals out of jail and put them back on the street to continue their life of crime.

433 days ago

BB not bb    

So if some crazy redneck lady is yelling at you and harassing you because your car is too loud for her and she thinks she is all that, you are supposed to do what? Say oh forgive me oh great one? Then this nut had the nerve to call 911 on a bunch of teens she threatened there with her imposing husband besides.

Not everyone has to just bow down and yield the lake in the presence of an angry redneck.

433 days ago


Too bad Beth didn't just haul off and smack that little brat.

433 days ago


What's wrong with her? Arrest her now!

433 days ago


I didn't know we could pick and choose which Amendments we want to follow....Since when does the 2nd Amendment trump the 1st Amendment? You're really telling me that in CO I have the right to bear arms but I can't tell a rude A hole to F*ck off?? Yeeeeaaaahhhh, I'm stayin outta that BASS ACKWARDS state!

433 days ago


They have become invsible in Honolulu. I drive past their place daily on Queen Emma St. It's always dark and shuttered.

Their portrayal of Hawaii has cost them many fans, his rant finished him here, regardless of the spin they put on it. They are fakes, arrogant, rude, and make a fatal mistake, attempting to speak pidgen and be fake Hawaiians, cardinal sin. Good Riddance.

433 days ago


Ridiculous law.

433 days ago


Beth & Dog are an embarrassment to the human race. They need to pack up her ginormous fake tatas and go home.

433 days ago

el polacko    

looks like the guy with the gun was also packin' !!! yowza !

433 days ago

i guess they're messin with the dog, huh?

433 days ago


TMZ as a Colorado NATIVE you should.... probably..... as a ummmmm news agency check your facts on Open Carry in Colorado in terms of "research not just asking someone. But then again, we don't pay for you to be knowledgeable.

433 days ago
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