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Justin Bieber

Spitting Again

Caught in the Act

7/25/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here it is ... hard proof Justin Bieber is a revolting, germ-spreading spitter.

The photos were snapped Thursday in Toronto, where Bieber was perched atop his hotel balcony. We can't tell what, or who, was directly under him as he dropped his saliva-bomb.

It is worth noting ... hordes of fans were gathered outside the window of his hotel room all day -- he even posted a Bieberview pic on Instagram.

Also relevant ... multiple people have accused Bieber of using spit as a weapon -- including some woman at a gym, his neighbor, and most recently ... a nightclub DJ.

At least he's not pissing into a mop bucket ... far as we know.


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uh? he wasn't actually spitting at his fans. I was there. he didnt spit at anybody. there are other areas where no people stand. sometimes people have to spit. its a normal human thing. im sure plenty of you have spit before.

462 days ago


GROSS...DISGUSTING.....NASTY.....UNSANITARY.....JUVENILE....keep it in your mouth and stop being such a huge, idiotic ass!!! Also...nice showing the people who might decide to bring charges that you continue to think spitting on others is a great way to behave. You continue to prove this is how you behave!!! District Attorneys are are potential jurors!

462 days ago


Why do we continue to witness this behavior from this obnoxious twerp? Because just like his cohorts Lohan, West, etc., they know they have the cash and fame to get away with it. Every time I see this I lose more and more respect for California law enforcement/courts. It's like an open ticket to act however you please and not have to worry about having to answer for your crimes. And yes, spitting on someone is a crime.

462 days ago


But where did it land? He could have just been spitting in general. He doesn't look upset or mad. TMZ and it's followers need help.

462 days ago


Of course he's a spitter...he hasn't learned to swallow yet

462 days ago


This dope's lack of intelligence is astounding. An animal would show more courtesy and respect then this idiot, he is deliberately pissing his career down the mop bucket (which is good if it gets rid of him) .... and no offence to animals.

462 days ago


looks like he is spitting on his fans

462 days ago


Struck me as a swallower

462 days ago


I'm Canadian, used to stick up for Justin, but no more. Please remember us for the great Canadian talents. John Candy, Jim Carry, Micheal J Fox, Phil Hartman, Rich Little, Mike McDonald, Howie Mandel, Lorne Micheals, Rick Moranis, Mike Myers, Leslie Nielson, Seth Rogan, William ****ner, David Steinburg, Dave Thomas too name a few. Once again, sorry for creating the little snot Bieber.

462 days ago


so basically every person in the world is allowed to spit and not Bieber? i guess you are all hypocrites then

462 days ago


Why hasn't this s*** bag been arrested for aggravated assault? And what the heck is going on in Canada these past few weeks? Celebrities get to Canada and lose their minds.

462 days ago


It's really no big deal if someone spits. Yes it's nasty, and yes it's a bad habit, but there are worse habits and far greater disrespectful gestures, but because it's Justin Beiber, i am going to say, what a PUNK! I can't stand this kid... someone should spit and hork all over his face while he's sleeping... loser

462 days ago


so basically every person in the world is allowed to spit and not Bieber? i guess you are all hypocrites then..."

Three people have had this idiot spit in their faces -- anything to say about that? Hmm... didn't think so.

462 days ago


I guess he doesn't swallow.. Spit out that man juice!

462 days ago

BIEBER GO HOME!!! ▬(~_-)▬►    

He just blew one of the Lil's.

462 days ago
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