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Kanye West

Won't Be Prosecuted

For Photog Attack

7/25/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West must have a really good lawyer, because law enforcement sources tell us it's virtually certain he will NOT be charged with ANY crime in connection with last week's paparazzo attack.

Here's the way we're told it will play out. 

LAPD robbery detectives are investigating the photog's allegation that Kanye tried to steal his camera -- but our sources say that dog won't hunt.  The D.A. will NEVER charge Kanye with felony attempted robbery, because there's no proof he tried to pilfer the camera at LAX.

We're told cops will send the attempted robbery file to the D.A. and they expect it will be rejected within days. 

The next step -- the file goes to the L.A. City Attorney for a possible misdemeanor criminal battery prosecution.   But here's why that won't happen.  We're told Kanye is willing to ante up some cash to make the case go away, and it's perfectly legal.  It's called a civil compromise and it's done everyday.

So Kanye will skate ... and probably attack another photog.

The end.



No Avatar


northwest gunna b proud of her daddy! not so proud of her fat pig mommy tho

454 days ago


The paps stalk people legally. Go team Kanye!!!

454 days ago


Big smile on stalkers face, he made the contact he was looking for.

454 days ago


The courts find that living with Kim is punishment enough...and might be exessive punishment

454 days ago


Judges are P U S S I E S! He has hundred of millions of $. He is famous, paps are going to follow him. Especially now, he has one of the most sought after baby pics besides the Royal George, who is all the Way across the pond! He is going to have to get used to it for picking a media whore to be his baby mama. So now he can just pick a photog to attack and pay a measly $20 grand or $200 grand or whatever to make it go away and nothing is ever going to happen to him? So every pap is going to try to provoke him to get a payout? Or will one stand up, refuse the money and take it to court so he does time, or will he just accept that he is famous and has to deal with it like every other Fing celebrity on earth that chooses to deal with it.

454 days ago


So Kanye will skate, but then maybe people (whoever they are) trying to catch a plane won't have to tolerate sycophantic ********s like your cameraman saying hideous and embarrassing things out loud like "but Kanye, I love you" ... over and over and over again.

Serves you all RIGHT!

And you can STOP mis-reporting it as "our reporter was telling Kanye how much he liked his work" ... no he wasn't, he was a grown man telling another grown man in public "but Iove you Kanye, I love you".

He got EVERYTHING he deserved, and most likely not enough.

Grow a pair, TMZ, and get some decent interviewers out there. If you pay people to grovel and achieve nothing, then spend money defending them .... well, seems like a pretty stupid business model to me! Why not employ people who can actually interview, interact? Just a WILD suggestion. Then we wouldn't have to read all these "our poor pap" articles, the likes of which we don't give a flying f*ck about ( and I personally think "good job, serves him right").

Kanye's not the problem, your low standards and KMart budget for reporting ARE!

454 days ago


It must be something else to be able to walk around committing crimes without much of a slap on the wrist criminally! Bynes and Kanye both have their own set of problems, and apparently a different set of rules that don't apply to the general public, or can't because they aren't stacked with cash...

454 days ago


No surprise there.

454 days ago


He'll still be sued in civil court....that's all the photographer really wants anyway...come cash :)

454 days ago


I think the photographer asked for it. Thy say whatever they can to get the celebrity to react. Laws need to be put in place to protect the celebrities.

454 days ago


But blacks are ALWAYS arrested and treated like crap. How can this be?

454 days ago


Did you really think anything other than that would happen? Really?

454 days ago


Look at me! Look at me! Now stop looking at me. Look at me again! Stop looking at me. Ad nauseam....

454 days ago


From the beginning when they said they were going after felony attempted robbery I thought "How stupid, that's not going to fly". Of course he will pay his way out of this one, but it doesn't change the fact that he needs to just ignore these people or use private entrances.

454 days ago


OF course not, why would a celeb ever have to answer for anything??

454 days ago
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