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Aaron Rodgers

Ryan Braun (cluck) Lied

To My (cluck) Face! (cluck)

7/26/2013 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0726-aaron-rodgers-ryan-braun-gettyAaron Rodgers -- GB Packers quarterback and chronic bet reneger -- is blaming disgraced MLB player Ryan Braun for letting his mouth write a check his ass couldn't cash.

As you know by now ... back in February, Rodgers aggressively defended his friend Ryan Braun against allegations the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder was using PEDS ... and was so confident, he "bet" his 2013 NFL salary with a random person on Twitter.

Obviously, Rodgers was wrong and lost the bet (he'll never pay up, BTW) -- and now he's throwing Braun under the bus ... telling reporters he was merely "backing up a friend."

Rodgers says he was "shocked" when Braun admitted to cheating -- saying, "[Braun] looked me in the eye ... it didn't feel great being lied to like that."

You know what else doesn't feel great, Aaron? When you enter into a wager with someone and then DON'T PAY UP!!!!

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No Avatar


he should probably stop betting? the worst thing you can do nowadays is side with someone who has allegations under their belt.., especially if you're a fellow celeb. just stop talking Aaron and play football. lol

400 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

lol. I don't give a crap what anyone says. I love how TMZ busts balls.

400 days ago


For the last time, there is no bet if the other person is not putting up their money!!! Was this guy going to pay Aaron something if he lost? No! Move the fu*k on.

400 days ago


not a packer fan or a rogers fan....but i believe he said "i'd be my pay on it".....I don't really feel this qualifies as making an official bet....

400 days ago


Baseball. Like the N.F.L. (National Felon League), it sure has its share of criminals. I have no time for a sport that gave us sleazebags like Jose Canseco. On a side note, you'd think that with all the money he's earned, Pete Rose could have afforded a haircut that didn't make him look like Moe Howard from The Three Stooges.

400 days ago


He didn't technically bet anyway. He said he "would" bet his salary. No one agreed on anything to actually bet

400 days ago


Rodgers, of all people, should have known to Double Check.

400 days ago


using this logic, I will NEVER say "i'd bet my life on it" again! someone may kill me for it

400 days ago


Aaron Rodgers didn't throw anyone under the bus. Ryan Braun ran face-first into the bus, at full speed. Braun did this to himself. Rodgers' bet about Braun was stupid, but Rodgers has every right to be mad and truthful about the way he was bald-faced lied to by Braun.

400 days ago


Memo to TMZ: Aaron Rodgers never bet his salary his reply was...“ya, I’d put my salary next year on it.”....which is a far cry from entering into a wager with someone!

400 days ago


Let's get real. Rodgers never said - "I bet you" to the other tweeter -- some things get so blown out of proportion. I'm sure most people have at one time or another used the same phrase - I bet you $20 I can beat you to the corner :)

400 days ago


TMZ you need to move on. Slow day that you have to keep bringing this up? not a GB fan or a Rodgers but Christ you like to beat a dead horse...

400 days ago

Los Pepes    

AR is a big baby

400 days ago


Omg TMZ. Get over it. So AR didn't wear a stupid jersey or whatever that old bet was...you act like you are personally hurt over it. Lame a$$es.

400 days ago


I'm sorry, but wasn't the original bet with Boyz II Men, not TMZ?? If they aren't complaining about it, why is TMZ still all worked up? They remind me of the nerdy kid on the playground trying to act like they belong to the popular group when they really just look pathetic.

400 days ago
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