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Amanda Bynes

Parents to Judge:

She's Gonna Hurt Herself Bad, UNLESS ...

7/26/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Bynes' parents will tell a judge today ... the actress is in serious danger and could cause physical harm to herself ... and that's why they want to take control over her life, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... Amanda's parents will be in court this morning with their attorney, Tamar Arminak ....asking the judge to create a temporary conservatorship for their 27-year-old daughter.

Here's what her parents must prove: 

1) Amanda does not have the ability to provide for her own physical health --  along with food, clothing and shelter

We're told her parents will use the gasoline fire in Thousand Oaks, which singed her clothes and caused damage to a home, as the centerpiece of their argument that she's in imminent danger of physically harming herself.

2) Amanda cannot make sound financial judgements

Amanda's parents will argue her mental illness makes her unfit to protect her life savings.

3) They can provide a stable home for their daughter

We're told Amanda's parents will tell the judge ... they're prepared for Amanda to move into their Thousand Oaks home and they will provide all necessary care.

FYI -- Amanda owns two properties, but they're both leased out.  She's lived in several hotels and apartment buildings ... but she's been thrown out of almost every one due to her erratic behavior. 

4) There are no realistic alternatives to a conservatorship

We're told Amanda's parents will argue she's suffering from schizophrenia but will not seek treatment because she doesn't believe she has an illness -- even though she acknowledges there's a "good Amanda" and a "bad Amanda."  They believe the only way to keep her safe is to provide round-the-clock care.

If the judge grants the temporary conservatorship, we're told the parents will immediately petition the court to make the conservatorship PERMANENT ... ala Britney Spears.   The judge would then set a date for a full-blown hearing and appoint a lawyer to rep Amanda.

Today's hearing is set for 8:30 AM PT -- so stay tuned.



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So sick of hearing this. The sympathy for her is sickening. Nobody feels the need to feel sorry for Mark David Chapman, Son of Sam, the crazy kid that killed all the people in the movie theatre, or Charles Manson for that matter. Amanduh Bynes ran around like a looney insulting anybody and everybody there was and lit a fire that could have been a lot worse in some older innocent lady's driveway. But since she was on Nickelodeon everybody feels the need to feel sorry for her, tell people it's mean to make fun of her. Sorry, regardless if she's sick or not, she did a lot of ****ty things to people and it doesn't get to just go away because of mental illness. She should have been charged with arson, and if she's deemed mentally ill, sent to the looney bin instead of jail. If anybody is going to feel empathy for this girl and say she shouldn't be made fun of because of illness, then let's let Mark Berkowitz go free, same with Mark David Chapman, Charles manson. And hey let's pardon the weirdo that killed innocent people at a movie theatre and feel sorry for him because he was sick. This whole bit is over exposed. She's a trainwreck that is an adult and should face consequences regardless if she has mental illness or not. No different than an alcoholic getting drunk and driving. They don't get a pass for having a disease, and having poor judgement.

349 days ago


remember werewolves?
that was caused by fungus on rye
nowadays its caused by prescription drugs
used to cure werewolf-isms

349 days ago


if she has 2 properties leased out then surely she has money (coming in weekly) why are people saying she has run out of money? (that she has access to at least)

349 days ago


Twitter has fallen 20points since shes been on leave

349 days ago


Do you folks really understand how hard it is to try and help your grown over 21 child when they don't want you to ...nearly impossible....and if that child has "friends" and souless lawyers working to keep you away it is impossible.....Those friends don't want you anywhere around you might just cut off the gravy train of money they are riding on and the lawyers don't give a hell.o cause they are getting their 30 per cent plus fee from them.....This is the first chance her parents has had to get back in close enough to help.....IF her friends(like Sam Luffte) and others stay out of the picture.......Amanda is mental without a doubt..but like everything else she will have to kill herself or someone else before some idiots will realize it...
I hope her parents get control and not end up like my friend who wasn't able to and had to bury her child and his family whom he killed when his voices" he didn't have" told him they had to die because they were evil and possessed by the devil. Sad but true ...He left a long rambling letter explaining why he was killing everyone.....Thank God he stopped at just his family it could have been like the child in Conn who killed all those children........but 4 innocent people died because he had "friends and lawyers" to keep him out of somewhere he could have been helped...

349 days ago


so sad- hope she gets the help she needs- don't bother Dr Drew

349 days ago


I was living on the first floor of a 2 family house and had a roommate 24 who was bi-polar with other problems I knew nothing about and she was all over the place nuts. She started to scare me.

I asked her what the hell she was on or what should you be on. Our upstairs neighbors just had a baby and she would start pounding on their door and slamming on their doorbell at all hours of the night (she had the wrong door and she thought I was locking her out) She was off the charts and getting worse. I couldn't take the chance with a baby upstairs.

I finially got a hold of her brother to come and get her that's when I found out. He told me she doesn't like taking her meds doesn't like how it made her feel. Don't know what happened to her after that.

349 days ago


Yes Amanda has money but only because her parents were smart and bank and invested her earnings from the time she started acting until she became a adult.....most of her wealth is tied up where she can't easily get to it...All her available moneys she has blown through in the last couple
of years with the help of her "friends" and her living in high priced hotels and apartment till she gets kick out of and the constant rounds of "shopping she indulged in.....
But you really want to know what bugs the hell out of me about that......??? Where is all that stuff ? She came back to LA with only a couple of were is all that stuff she shopped for in NYC this past year ? ....did she just leave it everywhere ? ....Hell I still got stuff I bought 20 yrs ago that I have moved with me everywhere.....Most people do....that is mentally stable people do.....
I bet she has some really nicely dressed 'friends" with expensive toys....

349 days ago


This is really sad. I honestly hope she gets the proper help and care. Also, I wish TMZ would stop using headlines like '10 hrs of sanity 1 hour crazy' - calling someone with a mental illness crazy is the same as calling someone with disabilities the big R word.

349 days ago


I expect TMZ will try to throw in a Lindsay Lohan reference when this one starts to slow down......
The problem with that is Lindsay Lohan is NOT mental......Not the same way this girl is.....
Lindsay is just plain crazy mean and soulless.....she is one of the predators of the world...and no amount of therapy or pills or counseling is going help that.....

349 days ago


I believe they will have no problem showing proof for judge. I just hope they can get it.

349 days ago


I wish crazy could be limited to all the fun stuff she gets up to (example -trampoline world) because she seems like she would be cool to hang out with, but yeh its way out of control now, hopefully she can pull it together.

349 days ago


C'mon, folks! Amanda's parents need support - not criticism. They are absolutely doing the right thing here. I don't think any of us would be willing to take
Amanda into our home, and monitor her round the clock. As far as financial gain for her parents:
1. Her Dad is a dentist. He has his own $.
2. Finances are strictly monitored by a judge.
3. All the money in the world isn't enough to
compensate for the hard work it will take to
help Amanda. They are obviously doing this
because they LOVE her!

Final Note: They won't pay to fix their neighbors driveway because accountability is part of the process of bringing Amanda to reality. In addition,
they would be enabling her behavior.

349 days ago

get real    

Shes Lucky that HER Parents CARE enough to try to help her and keep her safe! The Dog almost died. She threw a Bong out of her NYC apt . She tried to sat it was a Vase. A Vase could have killed someone when it hit the ground. The Girl Needs help. Again, She is very fortunate that someone even Cares!

349 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, this is no longer some stupid sleeze gossip story, it is a story about a mentally ill woman.
I have a novel idea for you people. Why don't you JUST STAY THE FUQUE AWAY FROM THIS STORY.
You don't have the true knowledge of what is happening, and more importantly you don't have anyone on the staff of your website to actually understand what this kind of infantile reporting is doing to this woman.
Perhaps for once in your collective lives, you can actually do the right thing and not whatever it takes to make a few shekels out of human misery.

349 days ago
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