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Amanda Bynes

Parents to Judge:

She's Gonna Hurt Herself Bad, UNLESS ...

7/26/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amanda Bynes' parents will tell a judge today ... the actress is in serious danger and could cause physical harm to herself ... and that's why they want to take control over her life, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the family tell us ... Amanda's parents will be in court this morning with their attorney, Tamar Arminak ....asking the judge to create a temporary conservatorship for their 27-year-old daughter.

Here's what her parents must prove: 

1) Amanda does not have the ability to provide for her own physical health --  along with food, clothing and shelter

We're told her parents will use the gasoline fire in Thousand Oaks, which singed her clothes and caused damage to a home, as the centerpiece of their argument that she's in imminent danger of physically harming herself.

2) Amanda cannot make sound financial judgements

Amanda's parents will argue her mental illness makes her unfit to protect her life savings.

3) They can provide a stable home for their daughter

We're told Amanda's parents will tell the judge ... they're prepared for Amanda to move into their Thousand Oaks home and they will provide all necessary care.

FYI -- Amanda owns two properties, but they're both leased out.  She's lived in several hotels and apartment buildings ... but she's been thrown out of almost every one due to her erratic behavior. 

4) There are no realistic alternatives to a conservatorship

We're told Amanda's parents will argue she's suffering from schizophrenia but will not seek treatment because she doesn't believe she has an illness -- even though she acknowledges there's a "good Amanda" and a "bad Amanda."  They believe the only way to keep her safe is to provide round-the-clock care.

If the judge grants the temporary conservatorship, we're told the parents will immediately petition the court to make the conservatorship PERMANENT ... ala Britney Spears.   The judge would then set a date for a full-blown hearing and appoint a lawyer to rep Amanda.

Today's hearing is set for 8:30 AM PT -- so stay tuned.



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Amanda must be so fustrated and upset right now. It really is terrible thinking nothing is wrong with you and having your parents, Judge, medical staff and everyone around you basically say that there is. She must think everyone is making up lies about her and be so confused right now. Hopefully her parents get this conservatorship so Amanda can begin to recover. I have always liked her since All That.

416 days ago


Worst part is when you do get stable once on meds and with proper therapy and you find out about things you did and people you have hurt especially when you usually cant even remember saying or doing some of it. Even worse is when there is video and pictures of you doing it for the entire world to see.

416 days ago


the most important question is does the dog still smell like gasoline?

416 days ago


Am hoping her parents get the conservatorship with all the checks and balances in place. I have always called schizophrenia the yo yo disease (NOT because they are "crazy"). After they get on the meds, they get it and go with the program. After a while, they hate the way the meds make them feel and/or they think they are cured and go off them. Its horrific for their loved one's AND themselves.

416 days ago

Nun ja biz    

I hope the comparison to Britney stops. Amanda is a sick girl and I truly hope her parents are granted conservatory over her. She needs help and fast.

416 days ago


I wonder if they are saying that she has Schizophrenia because it sounds so much worse than Bipolar? People with Schizophrenia don't shave their heads and put on wigs and do crazy as ****...I hope the judge grants the conservatorship...she is in real trouble.

416 days ago


Conservatorship is the best idea for Amanda Bynes. Her parents are not after her money - they have been trying for a very long time to help her. If the judge doesn't grant them conservatorship, there may be another young person gone before their time. She's a talented young woman who clearly needs help. Hopefully the judge will grant it.

416 days ago


Amanda's parents don't have the money that the Spears' family do. Britney's dad can afford "boyfriends" to pay so that she will be watched and taken care of. This also makes her feel like she has got a normal life. It sounds like Amanda is going to be a prisoner in her parents house. What a job for them!

416 days ago


She has been showing signs of mental illness for quite a while - keeing her in evaluation for a few weeks will only help. She may never come to grips with her illness, even properly diagnosed and treated, but hopefully this will eliminate the potential danger to herself and others.

416 days ago


This was a long time coming... its a shame it had to come to Amanda almost lighting herself and her dog on fire. Someone could of really gotten hurt. But I'm glad she is finally getting the care she needs... schizophrenia is one of the worst mental illnesses and it does not have a great prognosis, so my heart goes out to her and her family. I dont know what kind of a life/career she is going to have now with such a serious condition.

416 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Ya think? Just about anyone with rational judgment could have told them that over a month ago. Where were these people before? If they really care they'll hightail that poor woman's ass out of La La Land and take her to some normal place so she can recover and get a sense of herself. It seems that many these "child stars" are never raised to be grounded, have no sense of reality or no sense of themselves as anything but a performer and when the well dries up they are lost. Paul Peterson is so correct.

416 days ago


Good luck Amanda..hope your parents do the right thing and get you the help you need..prayers & healing thoughts...

416 days ago


Amanda is soooo lucky to have a mom and dad who still love her enough to do this for her. If left to her own devices, Amanda could very well burn every bridge to sanity she ever had.

416 days ago


I hope she realizes her problem and takes her medication poor thing. Schitzophrenia is so sad. Especially when you see pictures of the person before they got sick. So awful and sad.

416 days ago

Buck Boy    

I am far more concerned about the innocent animals that she puts in danger than her. Plus insulting workers in hotels in getting near Bobby Kristina arrogance that should be outlawed.

416 days ago
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