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Amanda Bynes

Parents Say She's Paranoid...

Hemorrhaging Money

7/26/2013 10:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The parents of Amanda Bynes believe she's a substance abuser who has become paranoid, delusional and is draining her bank account ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Amanda's parents filed papers in an attempt to win a temporary conservatorship.  In the docs, they say Amanda has become "extremely paranoid about being watched," and she covers smoke alarms with towels and tapes windows shut to prevent cameras from shooting her.

The parents go on -- Amanda has "profound issues with her body image" and is "obsessed with the fact that she (and others) are ugly."

The parents say Amanda had $4 million in the bank, but is blowing a huge amount of cash -- she spent $1.2 mil in a very short amount of time.  Amanda withdrew $100k on June 4 and another $100k on July 2 and the parents have no idea where the money went, but they mention they believe she spends "a substantial amount" for marijuana and other illegal substances.

The parents say Amanda doesn't connect with reality, telling them she "cabbed it" from New York to L.A.  The parents believe she's homeless.

The documents described what TMZ first reported ... that the parents are hanging their hats on the driveway fire incident to show Amanda is a danger to herself and others.

The court denied the petition for a temporary conservatorship Friday morning, because the judge wanted more info.

TMZ broke the story ... doctors suspect Amanda is schizophrenic.


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While I think this girl needs actual mental help and believe a conservatorship would be great, there's something about her parents attempts to "help" her that are a little off putting. It sounds like they're really hanging their hat on her being a drugee, but the hospital tested her for drugs when they got her and she was clean.

She does need help, just not so sure her parents are best suited to give it to her. Hope the court appointed attorney really has her best interests in mind.

452 days ago


This girl almost went up in flames herself when she lit the driveway on fire, by placing a burning rag on top of a full gasoline can. Then she accidentally drenched her dog in gasoline and frantically ran into a liquor store to try and clean it. Anybody who says "leave Amanda alone" is basically wishing very horrible things on her, because it is obvious she will crash and burn very soon if left on her own.

452 days ago


Well unless the judge let's her out this afternoon she still has 2 weeks to go. Then her mom can re-petition.

She is 27 and it's very difficult to get this. The only problem is that if it's denied again and she hurts someone else...who knows.

452 days ago


she tested negative for all drugs except pot. How can she be a drug addict?

452 days ago


Wow that's really scary. I hope her parents get the conservatorship and Amanda gets help...if not she could be a danger to herself and day she might push someone into the street or something (it's happened before) ..her little dog was soaked with gasoline it could have easily burned to death

452 days ago


Kind of hard to believe that an actress who made her living showing her feelings, her flaws and being the center of attention on TV and movies could be paranoid.

With all the paparazzi surrounding some celebs and their high tech audio/video spy equipment you gotta admit it's a good idea for celebs to be somewhat paranoid. Not TOO paranoid though.

If Amanda is in a psych ward (or jail) I bet that there are LOTS of secret cameras in ceilings or who knows where. They probably should just go ahead and tell her that "Big Brother" is watching her ... because they ARE while she's in there.

452 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

It's her money, she can spend it.

452 days ago


Someone pull the hook out of that mouth and throw her back in the lake

452 days ago

Nun ja biz    

If the doctors suspect schizophrenia and only found marijuana in her system, then why are her parents claiming it's more illegal substances. Amanda has claimed to have had multiple plastic surgery procedures and those do cost a lot of money. There is much more going on and I really hope she gets help and doesn't convince the judge she is fine.

452 days ago


For many months I've commented on TMZ and elsewhere that this unfortunate young women is in the early stages of schizophrenia. But still, TMZ and others continued to cover her as though she were just another bad girl celebutard, and grist for the entertainment of their brain dead readers. Leave this poor girl alone! She is very, very ill.

452 days ago


marijuana does not do that to a person...EVER!!!

452 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

And how is it that her parents have access to her banking activities?

452 days ago


I wasn't aware you could spend that much money on marijuana bundles and busted wigs

452 days ago


There are studies that marijuana s a gateway drug to schizophrenia. It is very risky for some people.

452 days ago


I don't normally write stuff like this but I read people and this poor girl is not only schizo but severely depressed ruin a childhood tragedy or early teens I'm thinking molestation and her parents were truly in the darki do not believe they are the typical stage parents they truly want to help her not steal from her. Btw her mother needs to watch her own health I'm thinking heart?

452 days ago
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