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Amanda Bynes

Hotel Disaster Scene

Ash, Trash & Busted Alarm

7/27/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes left a trail of destruction at the Ritz-Carlton in NYC -- days before she was taken in on a 5150 hold -- and TMZ has pics of the disaster zone.

Piles of of garbage, ashes, cosmetics, and even a destroyed smoke alarm can be seen in the photos taken inside Amanda's room.

As we reported, Bynes was booted from the posh hotel last Thursday for smoking weed in the room and being rude to hotel staff. Bynes denied the allegations, but the photos paint a pretty damning picture.

The damaged smoke alarm pic is noteworthy -- Amanda's parents say she has a history of disabling the devices because she thinks they're watching her.

Bynes ran up a $9,000 bill over 9 days -- and sources at the Ritz tell us the hotel is still tallying up the room damages.


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The hotel room really isn't that trashed. I mean I have been to dorm rooms back in the day that have looked worse than this(maybe even my dorm room haha) Clearly Amanda has issues but I wouldn't call this trashed its just very dirty.

348 days ago


The room may be littered, but it is not trashed. There are no apparent holes in the walls nor does it appear she had any fires started in her bedding, lol. For a $1, average charge, the hotel can well afford to have a maid clean and remove the trash and also have the room carpets steam cleaned. This entire story is way off-base TMZ.

348 days ago


I agree, it just looks like a messy hotel room for the maid. If you notice pic #5 has been tampered with ..there's a coloured lens case that was moved into view from a different area of the desk. This leaves to question what else may have been tampered with ' after' Amanda left...maybe the maids had a few Cokes or flicked the ashes.....just sayin'...

348 days ago


What's with adding the box in pic 5?? Proof people set scenes like this up!

348 days ago


I guess the smoke alarm proves her parents right. She's so paranoid she ripped it off the ceiling. No camera there I guess.

348 days ago


ash isnt

348 days ago


just a little ash, nothing room service doesnt take care of daily anyway from tobacco smokers.

348 days ago


Compared to some people who are alcoholics or drug addicts, this hotel room mess looks fairly normal. They usually turn a nice hotel room into a disaster area in a matter of hours.

Check out the total pig pen bathroom that Whitney Houston had in Atlanta when she was totally addicted to crack. She might have spent $800,000 a year just on drugs alone! She liked to smoke marijuana and cocaine rolled up in joints. Crack was definitely whack for her. She blew a $250 MILLION fortune. Hard to believe, but true.

348 days ago


A messy hotel room is the maids Jon to clean up, plain and simple. Some winded, 409, and laundry detetergent will whip that place back in to shape. Hell, I'll clean it for $100

348 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

this is not really even only about amanda bynes, it's about snitches all throughout these services and industries who will snitch your private and personal information to whoever requests it, for whatever purpose, even if to only destroy you, and not just for some puny financial gain. imagine she had an aids test done and had aids. these same folk would (not that i would give a hoot, but i'm sure she or most other people would) these same folks would release such sensitive information, informants, it seems, to whoever requests it. it's like not only do they lack common sense, they also lack any sense of ethics or morals. honestly, they should be fired, but there's like a thousand more people just like them who would follow. she should really look into suing the clinic as well as the hotel. i mean what is this? we can't make a single move without a billion snitches noting it for others to register? personally, i know exactly who is behind such measures.

348 days ago


She has been being watched. It's called TMZ.

348 days ago


I have no idea who this girl is, but WHAT a ****ing ******* she is. Such a pig, who expects others to just pick up after her and scoop up her mess, including ashes everywhere. Go off and do your crazy somewhere else. We're full up.

348 days ago


So much for her denying that she smokes weed. You can see rolling papers and weed pieces all over the place. I really hope she gets some help.

348 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i mean look at all the traffic tmz gets as a website. they are like globally famous. people from all over the world log onto tmz. anyone who really believes those ten clowns in the 'news room' really operate and run tmz is sippin some hard kool aid. they are just some billboard, to 'give you an impression' of 'who runs the site' when in reality, it's a whole other 'office crew', and i would not even want to know who all the 'investors' currently are, with all the stories on anal porn and porno here and porno there is. you really think harvey levin or max whatshisface are seriously posting stories about some freakin anal porn yeast anus whore? give me a break. tmz is a COMPANY. A BUSINESS. AND THEY HAVE background employees who 'do not match what you are seeing' namely the 'tmz office clowns' those are ACTORS. the actual business is run from and by people who obviously have zero morals, zero ethics, yes, from my own experience, snooping into MY OWN COMPUTER! I HIGHLY DOUBT HARVEY LEVIN AND DAX WHATSHISFACE ARE SNOOPING AROUND IN MY COMPUTER. but that is the reality of tmz. don't think that this site is not run by some real fuqn vicious fuqn freaks. long post. will probably be deleted. surprise. they need to shut certain people who 'snitch too much' up. funny, ...

348 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

tallying up the room damages? what? 2 hefttty brand trash bags and a swifftter mop? oh. tmz's going to delete my account now because i mentioned two products. haven't we been here before?...

348 days ago
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