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Lindsay Lohan


Post Rehab

7/27/2013 9:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has booked a one-way ticket to Europe ... set to depart as soon as she finishes rehab ... because everyone knows an overseas vacation is the best way to keep your nose clean.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... after her 90-day-court-ordered rehab finishes up she'll head to London for some R&R ... as the first stop on a European adventure.

We're told a gal pal of LiLo offered to take her as a gift for a "job well done in rehab". And since LiLo has some time before her OWN docu-series begins filming she jumped at the opportunity.

Our sources say she booked a one-way ticket and has no return date set (yet), but hopefully it's before she's scheduled to film.

Lindsay believes the trip will give her some privacy during her post-rehab days.

Plus, it's Europe ... what could go wrong?


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I just want to mention too that it would be so nice if some folks would not use this venue for their personal relationships and plans. We have trolls, people who just want to cause trouble and then the folks who have no consideration for anyone but themselves. They think they are interesting but they are just the opposite.

350 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

"***** cat, ***** cat, where have you been?"

"I've been to London to see the Queen."

"***** cat, ***** cat what did you there?"

"I frightened a little mouse from under her chair."

350 days ago


Chili dog day..just wanna say LANative has the best pool in the world..watched them fill it last night and was amazed

350 days ago


"Beware The Interlopers" !!!!

350 days ago

mary collins finn    

I thought she was scheduled for several hundred hours of community service. Why not really show everyone she is serious about her recovery and get all that completed before Europe? And walking into a docu/real show that is supposed to show her " getting her life and career back on track"? Isn't that something she should do in private and not with a paid gig?

350 days ago


Maybe if we are lucky she won!t come back from Europe and maybe if we are really lucky Justin Beiber will be on that same flight. As a bonus I would be happy to part with Miley Cyruc as well.

350 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Perhaps she will expire in Europe.

350 days ago


probably mr pink energy drink asking her and her mom to come and escort service his rich asian men frineds.. fast cash for lindsay that shawn holley cant garnishee for remainder of fees owed.

is there anything goin gon in thirty mile zone or just europe and nyc politicians this weekend.

no kanye baby pic after 54 days? how a bout a fat kim pic lately?

350 days ago


J.J. Cale has died-RIP

350 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Well, folks, it is just too nice a day to waste on Blo-Han.
Everybody enjoy the sun....have a great day.

350 days ago


Good Morning everyone. I suggest you guys read this. The porn guy talks about hurricane lohan.

350 days ago


"Police: $53 million in jewels stolen in Cannes"

Ohhhh..... Linds will be livid when she hears about this...... all those diamonds that she won't have a chance to pilfer when she begins her #FURIOUSFELCHING tour across Europe. Does anyone have a connection in France for bulk champagne glasses?

350 days ago


It would be nice if she decided to stay and give Europe a go. We have had enough of her and her antics.

350 days ago


She has 30 days Labor community service after she get's out of Court Ordered 'Forced' 90 days rehab.

90 days 'forced' rehab to avoid jail does not erase 10 years of her hardcore drinking, drugging and partying. Lohan is still a no talent nightmare and god knows she's a thief.

350 days ago


Oh goody goody, we get marketting trolls now ....TMZ must you ....I know its slow this morning but really.......
Now your litttle story has so many wholes in it that a whole fleight of jets could fly trough and not touch the sides......
1. She would have to be flying private jet cause
unless the rules have changed you can't buy a
one way ticket without a visa of some kind to
country your flying to or if you are a resident of
that country....and she Ain't English....yet ...but
we can hope can't we. ?
2. Her friend her Pimp who has lined her up
for a cash run at the gang bang party's giving
by His Royal Anus Prince Filth whom she entertained New Years .... Going get her ash bored out by a dozen old nasty Muslim men like she did the last time......
3. and last but not least ........Nobody Cares !!!!
She is now in the same class NO lower then the girls who walks the street corners turning tricks for 45 a other words she is nothing but a Whore...........Not a Actress....Not a Model for Anything ....just a Whore......

350 days ago
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