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Lindsay Lohan


Post Rehab

7/27/2013 9:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has booked a one-way ticket to Europe ... set to depart as soon as she finishes rehab ... because everyone knows an overseas vacation is the best way to keep your nose clean.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ ... after her 90-day-court-ordered rehab finishes up she'll head to London for some R&R ... as the first stop on a European adventure.

We're told a gal pal of LiLo offered to take her as a gift for a "job well done in rehab". And since LiLo has some time before her OWN docu-series begins filming she jumped at the opportunity.

Our sources say she booked a one-way ticket and has no return date set (yet), but hopefully it's before she's scheduled to film.

Lindsay believes the trip will give her some privacy during her post-rehab days.

Plus, it's Europe ... what could go wrong?


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Morning. Chuckles first thing. I was going to answer 'Quiet' at the top of the page about DUIna Lohan HOOKING with Blohan, NOT happening. Rich Arabs DON'T want their sex partners OLDER than they are. I wasn't sure how ole DUIna was exactly and looked it up. (51 in Sept.) Just typing "Dina Lohan", to the right, is a few pics and a personal description. Now here's the hilarious part, under HEIGHT it lists her as 6'0 tall. Mother SLAG is NOT 6'0 with 5 inch CLOMPING shoes. Have ya seen DUIna next to the 'vertically challenged' Side Show Heller, even with 4 platforms? B!TCH, PLEASE . . .

264 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


Lindsay Lohan Gets Out Of Rehab Today — Her August Is Booked

Posted on July 28th, 2013 at 9:10 am


It’s been 90 days.

Lindsay Lohan gets out of Cliffside Malibu rehab facility on Sunday, sources tell RumorFix exclusively.

And the next 30-60... days are also booked for the troubled actress.

Lindsay’s Canyons premiere is Monday night in New York — and she could conceivably make it, but you know how the 27-year-old is when it comes to making airplane flights.

Then she’s off to a European vacation for some relaxation. In August, she’s on Oprah’s payroll.

After reportedly being paid $2 million, Lindsay will do a sit-down interview with Oprah and then star in a eight-episode docu-series for the OWN network.

264 days ago


Well this will end badly. The last thing an addict needs after being forced to dry out is unsupervised party time. Sin lindsy still believes that she is and has always been fine she will do as all addicts do, relapse. I would suspect lindsy feels she was forced to do rehab and that she did it to shut every one up and she is really fine. This no talent addict will latch onto someone who will let her party until she is dead of drugs or alcohol. At least when she dies of substance abuse it will be self inflicted stupidity, and she will finally get what she wants.

264 days ago


The question on every ones mind, if released today was it BEFORE 9 AM?? If so, she's got her adderall refill and is on her 2nd drink already. Is it a quick stop at the CM or straight to the airport?? Is Gayvin still in LA?

264 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lohan247 ‏@Lohan247 3h
So apparently we were a little off on our countdown. We thought Lindsay was out of rehab on July 31st but @rumorfix is reporting it's today!

264 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Bwhahahhahahahhaha! Did Dina drunk dial Rumor Fix

264 days ago



Lindsay Lohan, first stop out of Curbside? YES! Back to her old ways and getting Bruised UP and Boozed UP is just the beginning! Linds wants some Pepe Love, eh? She has been sporting the signature bruising most often found on Female Entertainers in Tijuana and Mexicali, Mexico. The Malibu Cantina has introduced authentic Bordertown Entertainment with Especial Donkey Shows Staring Linds!

Like Lilo the Donkeys like it rough and when they start laying pipe, bruises happen, eh? Now that the BIG Screen and Small Screen opportunities have evaporated, Lindsay is taking her talents to the Stage; she has decided to Star in Local Productions.

Filthy Freddie Sanchez, the Donkey Trainer and Owner says “Lindsay is a natural! She really bonds with the Burro. It is magic! My best Burro Pepe gets excited when she walks on stage; he knows he is in for a really good time! She gives it a little kiss and they go at it like newlyweds!”

Asked how he got the Star on Stage he said “Pepe is always on time, does his part and doesn’t flake. Lindsay is a bigger challenge, we have to promise her blo and vodka but she is getting more professional every night! I see a great future for her in the biz! Pepe is going to teach Lindsay how to do the Reverse Cow Girl!”

264 days ago


So what happens when LInds gets released into the wild and doesn't stagger straight to NICOLE's to thank her in the flesh for her psychotic support?

Poor little Lindzee. Never had a chance.

264 days ago


Whaaaaa!?! Was that the sound of NicHOLE's spreadsheet crashing and burning??


264 days ago


Because we just can't get enough photos of Lindsay drunk on the floor of foreign night clubs.

264 days ago


Based on the NY Post story---my hatred of this pig is once again renewed just in time for the pig to released back to its sty

264 days ago


“Who’s not going to pay $10 to watch this movie?” Deen asks. UHHHH....not under threat of death.

264 days ago


QUUUAACCKK! All the Blo horror stories making the rounds again:

Adult-film star James Deen bares all about Lindsay Lohan and 'The Canyons'

Last Updated: 9:41 AM, July 28, 2013

It's time to shoot the four-way sex scene, and Lindsay Lohan refuses to come out of her room. Director Paul Schrader is behind closed doors screaming at her.

“You signed the contract,” he bellows. “You knew going in that there would be nude scenes! So get your ass out there and do it!”

You know it’s probably not the best omen for your movie when one of the most competent, diligent and polite people on the set is the porn star.

To adult-film idol James Deen, however, shooting “The Canyons” was “a lot easier” than making an adult film. Lohan, he says, “was freaking out because she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted. I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Deen makes his mainstream movie debut in “The Canyons,” but says he’ll never leave porn.

Despite Schrader’s bellowing, Lohan’s tantrum burns through three hours of pricey production time, a movie source tell The Post. Then she has an idea. The crew should strip down to their underwear to make her feel more comfortable. This is what Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan get on set, so why not her?

The crew just laughs and threatens to leave.

“I thought to myself,” says key grip Cole Chetney, “Well, I’m sure Julia Roberts is much more pleasant than you are.”

Finally, at his wit’s end, Schrader, 67, takes off all his clothes, walks nude to the monitor and says, “OK, action!” Lohan disrobes and the scene is captured in one take.

It was just another day on the set of “The Canyons,” It hits video on demand Friday.

264 days ago

Suzy Q     

Who's running the Death Pool? I want in....

Put my initials in the block that says any Turbanator Hotel, Garage OD.

264 days ago



I woke up on the couch this afternoon, hungover and wearing my bathrobe So yah, Dina Lohan, I totally get it.

264 days ago
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