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Anderson Cooper

Crazy, Ominous Stalker Arraigned

7/28/2013 7:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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A self-proclaimed gay, Jewish white supremacist was in court last night ... facing charges that he has terrorized Anderson Cooper, threatening to "f**k you up."

40-year-old Alex Hausner has allegedly stalked Cooper for 5 years ... but things escalated last month when he showed up at the CNN star's home, trying to kick down the front door of the converted firehouse and screaming, "I swear to f**king God, don't insult me.  I'm going to f**k you up."

According to the New York Post, Hausner has made numerous threatening phone calls and attempted to get face-to-face encounters with A.C. for years.  The Post says Hausner also targeted Anderson's boyfriend, calling him a "thug" and a "mongrel."

Hausner -- a psychiatric patient -- faces felony menacing charges and misdemeanor harassment charges.  He's being held on $75K bail.


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Juan Valdez    

Maybe the stalker wanted to ****** AC.

431 days ago


I guess it is easier to spurn a woman than a gay man. spurn a woman and she may smack you, claw your eyes out, blackmail you, make your life miserable, but spurn a gay man and he may show up at your door, kick it down, come inside, and F you up. whether you like it that way or not.

431 days ago


I would've thought an Anderson Cooper stalker would be more like Hector in "Blades of Glory". Turns out he's more like the Klan's accountant.

431 days ago


Firstly, what kind of mental problems. Does he know something juicy we don't about Cooper and they just threw in the mental problems crap to create a bias against Hauser. Cooper is ex CIA is he not? If Hauser were a real threat why not hold him for further psychiatric evaluation? Would that not be prudent? Does this sound like a spurned lover? Cooper is white and queer. Is he a white supremacist too? If he has been stalked by the same guy for 5 years, why hasn't he been arrested before? Jealous lover.

431 days ago


Well, if he had made his way into his home would he have shot to kill in thinking his life was in danger or since he has been stalked for five years, could he have actually run out of the house and just hope someone with a gun did come and stop the maniac. Betting Anderson is thinking about getting a body guard or a gun permit, who wouldn't?

431 days ago


I'm just curious as to what color Crocs the guy wears.........and does he carry a coin purse?

431 days ago


Not a fan of Cooper,not because he's's his persona..with his little hee-hee-hee hee little girl laugh!..hee-hee

431 days ago

Mr. X    

Boy, talk about self-loathing...the guy stalking Anderson is gay...Jewish...AND a white supremacist? Not to mention a mental patient?

The guy needs help in the worst way. I'm not going to rag on the guy for that.

Hopefully, this ends well for all concerned-Anderson included.

431 days ago


Check my inbox? Check your's and stuff it with Anderson Cooper if there is nothing in it.

431 days ago


Who the F4#@ is Anderson Cooper and why does he have two last names for a name?

431 days ago


We wouldn't have this problem if gays stayed out of movies and tv.

431 days ago


Was he a boan snuggler like Anderson?

431 days ago


Andersons first words to the cops

"Is he hot?"

431 days ago


Just some guy he met int he mens room...

431 days ago


This is truly a guy that has no life. Who would EVER want to stalk AC.

431 days ago
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