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Anthony Weiner

Offered Lessons On

Proper Penis Pic Etiquette

7/28/2013 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner
's odds of becoming the next NYC mayor are shrinking faster than his schlong on ice ... but not to worry ... he's being offered lessons on how to sext, without destroying his career.

Since the sexting scandal broke last week Weiner has dropped several points in the polls ... been publicly scolded on national TV and as of Sunday, his campaign manager up and quit.

Not all hope is lost ... Trent Silver, the CMO of Silver Visibility -- a media marketing company -- fired off a letter to Weiner offering the co's services to get his campaign back on track with a "dose of PR Viagra."

Specifically in the letter, SV says their experts "will teach [Weiner] the proper way to use social media so [he] won't get caught with his pants down."

SV suggests using Snapchat -- a photo sharing app where pictures destroy themselves -- so that Weiner's "dicktures disappear in six seconds rather than [his] political career." It's a great app.

SV also says they can help train him on the "finer points of sound bytes" ... which is code for, please stop sticking your foot in your mouth.

All great ideas.


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This creepy weirdo has about as much chance of becoming NYC mayor as TMZ has of going 1 day without talking about Lindsay Lohan.

460 days ago


Weiner giving weiner advice.

460 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

yet again, great tmz writing ..

460 days ago

All Heart    

Here's some advice: don't do it.

If you have to ask yourself if it's a good idea or not then the answer is "it's not a good idea".

Don't send pics of anything you wouldn't want your parents or children to see. It's that simple.

460 days ago




460 days ago

Julia James    

Only a matter of time before we see the porn movie version of this on . I'm sure cameras are rolling already!

460 days ago

King of TMZ    

Weiner for mayor.
He is free to have sex with chewbaca if he sees it fit.
The conservative "angelic" bullies should stay far far away from NY. Stay in Texas Y'all.

460 days ago


It shouldn't be so hard Weiner...
You'd be NUTS not to take Trent up on his offer.
Especially if you don't pull out.

Weiner Takes All!

460 days ago

BB not bb    

Yeah well this is a nation full of perverts and people who celebrate them. Then you have one guy who is apparently doing pretty good job as a politician, and everyone hates him for being a pervert on dubious evidence. Where are all the holy rollers when guys like this go around promoting their advice? They are at home probably engaging in this or worse, or just ignoring it cause it only matters if they can make a fool of the new Jewish whipping boy.

I couldn't care less what is the proper way to do something stupid. Why can't people talk about the aid for hurricane Sandy victims like Weiner wanted to? Is that just too mature for these people?

Nothing is ever private on the Net, and I am sure Weiner is savvy enough to have known that already. It is just more people promoting the perversion agenda. See Weiner is not even that stupid to do something like this in the first place. I think the whole thing is a set up to keep him scared and doing what he is told.

I don't think he can demand to be taken seriously telling the truth because maybe he has had his life threatened and that of his family threatened already. Breitbart, the guy who leaked the photo, died of a mysterious and unexpected heart attack shortly meeting with the likes of Bill Ayres and another terrorist for the liberals who were mad at this guy for threatening to expose Obama's plan to start race wars to stay in office.

If they would kill Breitbart over his threat, why wouldn't they also threaten to kill Weiner if he doesn't go along with their program? Tell me that.

460 days ago


can you for the love of God stay out of politics TMZ you aren't tongue in cheek you come off even lamer than when you are trying to make fun of Amanda Bynes...

460 days ago


So Silver Visibility is not concerned that Weiner is a pervert and a liar--their focus is how you can be a pervert and a liar and fool the public while you're doing it?

460 days ago


What a CREEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If he would have stopped when he first got caught he might have had a chance. Now "Not so much"

460 days ago


Is there an ap to make us forget what he did?

460 days ago


As a female, I can honestly say, a dic pic is extremely unattractive. Sorry. They just aren't that great to look at. It's beyond me why dudes insist on sending pics of their junk. Hate to break it to you but she's just being kind when she says how large and amazing it looks.

460 days ago


TMZ--I think you should explain to all of us how someone with no name, no avatar, etc., can post comments on this site. We have a right to know why this is happening.

460 days ago
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