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Tara Reid


From 'Sharknado' Sequel

7/28/2013 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid's days of hunting airborne rope-climbing freeway-dwelling sharks are OVER -- 'cause we know producers are drawing up their cast wish list for the "Sharknado" sequel ... and she ain't on it.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ ... producers had a meeting this past week to discuss plans for the New York-based sequel -- and the only actor they want back for round 2 is Ian Ziering.

Of course, Ian slaughtered more sharks than anyone in the original -- killing fish from Santa Monica to Beverly Hills and even into THE VALLEY!!

Tara played Ian's estranged wife in the flick -- and survived the massive shark attack (even when the sharks broke into her HOUSE!!) -- but Sharknado 2 is not in her future.

As for Ian, sources say both he and Tara scored around $50k for Part 1.  Ian should rake in a lot more for the sequel.  And good news ... we're guessing he's available.

Sadly, Tara knows a thing or two about rejection in Hollywood -- just ask the bouncers at Hyde.



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en Todo Momento!!    

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417 days ago


Tara BETTER be in the second one! She is almost the B-movie queen in this regards for syfy! I won't watch it unless they put her in it!

Stupid STUPID syfy!

417 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i bet she didn't let bret michaels hit it. now she won't get the part. bret michaels is the bubonic plage king of hollywood. nasty fuq. get your plage or get lost. lol. look at all them bitches who lined up for it. in that nasty freak show of his. yah. for a couple of days left of life and a hand full of dollar bills, they're more than eager to 'have his baby'. crazy whores. yeast khum brains. drank too much bubonic yeast khum and it went straight to their heads. now what are they going to do? xDDD sucks to be so dumb, right???! xDD

417 days ago


Might want to check your sources. The Asylum has already confirmed that this is false. They announced that there isn't even a script written and they would gladly have her back.

417 days ago


You have great sources! Because THIS is from the studio's Facebook page... Stop spreading stupid rumors! We would be lucky to have Tara Reid in the sequel! No one was fired. No one was written out of part 2. Really, we haven't even come up with the story yet! We'd be lucky to have her. ***exhale***

So just stop with the claiming stuff you don't have facts on, you're like an NBC news coverage...

417 days ago

The Atlanta Church Of Satan     

Don't worry kids she be in Sharknado the sequel. It's a publicity stunt. They need Tara Reid and will have Tara Reid.

417 days ago

Soapy Johnson    

As long as they bring back Jack Tapper's lone hammerhead shark, all will be well --

416 days ago


Boycott SHARKNADO 2 w/o the talented, gifted and brilliant TARA REID....!

416 days ago
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