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'E.R.' Actress


In Divorce Settlement

7/29/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "E.R." star Parminder Nagra just scored a huge victory over her ex-husband ... TMZ has learned she won't have to give up a dime of her "E.R." loot.

We broke the story ... Parminder's ex James Stenson sued her last year, claiming she was hiding her acting money from gigs like "E.R.", "Alcatraz", and "Psych" ... to prevent him getting any of it.

Now they've hammered out a settlement, and it's clear from the docs ... the real winner's name rhymes with Tinder.

Here's what Parminder gets:
ALL her income, residuals and royalties from her acting gigs including "E.R" -- which, of course, brings in beaucoup syndication dollars.

But there's more ... she also gets their Cali home (worth over $700k), their UK home ($1.5 million), and profits from the sale of a rental property. PLUS she gets 3 of the couple's 4 cars.

Here's what James gets: $450k from the rental home sale, $1,226/month in child support for their 4-year-old kid, and his photography biz.

Oh, and a Mazda CX9.

Zoom zoom.



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How is that remotely fair? If this was a guy, he would have been slammed for half! Hypocrites!

454 days ago

Mary P    

That's crap. He gets child support - so he got custody... and he's getting JUNK. So sick of these baby mamas getting $15k a month and this guy in the settlement gets next to nothing while she was laundering money, gets no cut of her earnings and gets less in child support than someone who makes $100k at a regular job would have to pay.

454 days ago


Amazing what a good lawyer can do. Pays to spent on the best in divorces

454 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lol, you are only going to be 'allowed into hollywood' if you are infested with the bubonic plague bonobo sexual intercourse with humans aids. other than that, 'hollywood' is zoned off. no one without this aids specimen is 'allowed' into the select hollywood circles. you HAVE TO BE INFESTED WITH BUBONIC BONOBO EBOLA AIDS!! XDD THIS IS HOW THEY KEEP IT SELECTIVE!! xD with bubonic plague! so KEEP OUT! UNLESS YOU GOT BUBONIC AIDS!! XDD WHO OWNS HOLLYWOOD? THE GFAAYS!

454 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

which is why it is called the Thirty Mile Zone. everyone within the thirty miles has to be infested with their 'select disease', otherwise you are WHOLLY UNWELCOME!! XDD or 'in danger' xDD

454 days ago

Blue Lake    

They had a home in Columbia? Because that's the only Cali there is. NO ONE calls California Cali. Dummies.

454 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yah, has a beard, bearded bubonic bonobo aids monkey. yah, has a beard. i get it... xDDD jesus SHAVES!! XDDD aids DOESN'T!! XDD

454 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Since she got everything but custody is it safe to assume she didn't want the child? She even slayed him on child support.

454 days ago


Also she got custody of his balls and he had to have his wiener removed and inserted into his nether regions.
Who the hell is his lawyer?

454 days ago


Was he pro se?

454 days ago


I know this is really unfair, especially because there's absolutely nothing one can do about it, but I find the mismatched height of each of his eyes extremely disconcerting, similar to Shannen Dougherty. Who knows, maybe the guy is just as big a brat, so that's why he lost so spectacularly?

454 days ago


So she fought for the homes and money, but not the kid? If he is getting child support, I am guessing that means he has custody, not her.

454 days ago


Wow, these replies are compiled for the most part with spammers with a sprinkling of a village crazy for added zest.

I cannot believe she did not fight for full custody of her child. My child is the first and foremost person I would never lose in a divorce settlement. All of the homes, cars, and residuals in the world would mean nothing if I did not have full custody of my child.

454 days ago

Melissa Brandon    

I just wanted to compliment whoever wrote this article. It is clever and funny!

454 days ago


Yet that oksana pig was set to get millions from Mel Gibson and they weren't even married. The court system is messed up. Lawyers need to use this case next time a woman wants half for sh@tting out a baby.

454 days ago
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