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Lindsay Lohan

My Toxic Ex-Friends Are

Dead to Me

7/29/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has made a list ... she's checked it twice ... and she's decided ... the majority of her so-called "friends" will be CUT from her life when she's sprung from rehab.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay recently sat down at Cliffside -- where she's currently enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program -- and made a list of 100 friends ... who knew?

We’re told Lilo was inspired by a therapy session about "toxic friends and influences."  Lindsay actually made 2 lists -- one with the friends she'll keep, and the other with the ones she'll ax.

According to sources, 80 people were on the "cut" list.

Lindsay showed it to her closest friends -- who mostly agreed with her choices.

The big question ... did Michael Lohan get the chop?


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What's wrong with Michael Lohan? He's can't be worse than Dina.....

421 days ago


Who cares. 90 days 'forced' rehab to avoid jail is not going to change 10 years of harcord drinking, drugging and partying.

Lohan is still a no talent lier, very nasty drunk, druggie and god knows a thief nobody want's to work with.

This joke with Winfrey is going to change that fact.

Lohan will burn Winfrey just like she's burned everyone else who was stupid enough to try and help her.

421 days ago


Self will run riot definition


This new rehab failed to help her if she is really going to Europe now unsupervised + throwing her new court mandated sobriety to the wind.

421 days ago


Not to worry when Lohan goes back to drinking, drugging and partying much sooner than later, she will as always blame mommy, daddy and the paps that never hound her.

Lohan always makes sure the paps knows where she is they don't follow her. She's not worth it.

421 days ago


As much as I want to bang the drum all day -I can't. See you all later.

421 days ago


How many of her personalities will nd cut

421 days ago


It is a sad fact that Lindsay must cut both of her parents from her life for a while. They both generate too much emotional stress for her. A big part of her problem is the tug'o war between them which always leaves her in the middle and she suffers for it. Good job so far Lindsay!!! Keep your spiritual sustenance close by and you will find that you can turn your life around and be happy, healthy and successful again.

421 days ago

John T.    

She will not last a week.

421 days ago


Good Late Morning .........
I see Mikey was right there at the 1:00 pm posting with another Lohan Inc Shyt Spin........just wish that boy would come up with better Shyt....seems like I seen this one the last time or two she come out of rehab ...Same out and out lie ..Cause that woman don't have 100 friends ....Hell she don't have any "friends" her only friend is herself...the others who are willing to hang around her are moochers, enablers and just plain grubbers licking and snorting up any crumbs she leaves around.....
As for the 10 friends she left on her List.....they are the biggest Enablers of them all...Hell one sold this story to TMZ didn't they...
and you can't count your pimps and Johns as friends ...........
So be prepared for a on slot of "Feel So" Lindsay stories for the next few weeks ...We will get the New Improved Lindsay every day !.....
Some one ask last night if she would be at the premiere of that Porn Artsy Fartsy Movie....Of course she will ...Hell all you have to do to get her anywhere is hang a white sheet with a few names spray painted on it and set a couple of cameras in from of it . and she will show up to get her picture taken.......LOL

421 days ago


I think Winfrey should surprise drug test her before this joke interview. Now that would be funny.

421 days ago


All her ex friends are saying the same about her.

421 days ago


Those 80 friends that are supposedly gonna get axed are going to be the first people she will party with when she is out

421 days ago


Wow another fake Lindsay Lohan is changing her life story. Pretty sure we have heard this one atleast 3 or 4 other times. Usually(well always) an arrest is soon to follow.

421 days ago


What is this like 8-9 times Lohan has pulled this same shyt and this is going to be any different.

Lohan has burned everyone from SNL, Playboy stright down to Charlie Sheen right before rehab. I just didn't see Winfrey being that desperate.

421 days ago


What ever happened to privacy laws? Who leaks this? (if this is even true) Slow news day TMZ Did you find a previous patient who told you what he/she did while @ Cliffside and you just added Lindsay's name?

421 days ago
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