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'Puss in Boots' Writer

I'm NOT a Creepy Perv ...

World Market 'Violated' Me

7/29/2013 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The screenwriter behind family friendly movies like "Hop" and "Puss in Boots" says he was publicly "violated" in front of his 10-year-old niece when employees at an L.A. furniture store accused him of leering at women ... then kicked him out -- and now he wants an apology.

40-year-old Brian Lynch blasted his side of the story on Twitter ... claiming he was visiting World Market in Sherman Oaks on Sunday with his sister and her 10-year-old adopted daughter when it all went down. (FYI, Brian's niece is Korean-American.)

Brian said he was following his sister and niece around the store when his sister went off to look at something, leaving him alone with his niece. At that point, Brian says a store employee approached and said they'd received complaints he was following women and creeping them out.

He says he was then asked to leave immediately.

Brian protested, insisting he was just shopping with family, but since a crowd had already begun to gather around the heated exchange, he ultimately left ... with his niece.

Now, Brian tells TMZ, he wants a public apology from World Market for the public humiliation, acknowledging its narrow-minded employees jumped to horrible conclusions about him for no reason.

A rep for World Market tells TMZ ... they're speaking to Brian and "taking steps to fully understand what occurred."


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I hate to say it but there's 3 sides to this story. His, the employee and the truth.

414 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

BAHHHHHHH! Oh...I'm SORRY Mr. Lynch, but you've activated our BULLS*** BUZZER! Because, you're "story" appears to be FULL OF IT....BULLS*** that is! Yeah. The employee COULDN'T wait to MAKE up a story about you! GET LOST.

414 days ago

BB not bb    

He looks rather creepy. I would not like to see him lurking around the furniture. Maybe he was staring at the women. Men are often very rude and then act like they don't have any idea how they are being annoying. No one said they suspected him of molesting a child. I think he probably was creeping people out. Then that he yelled about it and made a scene is just making him look guilty.

He should get over it. People get thrown out for bogus reason quite often. Maybe him and that store just don't mix.

414 days ago


Glad we felt the need to interject race into this story. I wouldn't have understood the story if they hadn't mentioned that she was adopted and not white

414 days ago


This seems wrong. The manager or employee seemed to have come to her own conclusions and did, in fact, publicly humiliate this man. He's right to ask for a public apology and then he should sue the crap out of them. This PC society has resulted in a gestapo state. Just walking around a store isn't a big deal unless you're exposing yourself or groping or doing something criminal. If he had a camera out and was looking up peoples skirts that's one thing, but just following his family around is harmless. I feel badly for him and hope the employee/s involved are fired and sent to sensitivity classes.

414 days ago


what appears as "just shopping with family" might turn to "just chopping a family" before you know it! Better get him to jail NOW!

414 days ago


Just because you have a story, doesn't mean that you don't give off the vibe of a creepy perv. Try smiling at people when you make eye contact. And stop slouching for phux sake.

414 days ago


Feminazis, no doubt. There was a case a year or two ago where a grandfather was thrown out of a national bookstore chain outlet for being in the kids' section. He was buying books for his granddaughter, but some woman didn't like this man being there, so out he went.

414 days ago

Arti Fishal    

I used to shop at Cost Plus a lot, but since I heard about this story, they have lost all of my business forever! That is unless the issue a public apology.

414 days ago


He looks creepy to me!..he also looks a lot like the actor Peter Krause from the HBO tv series 'Six Feet Under'

414 days ago



414 days ago


Maybe they should have "taken those steps" first...

413 days ago
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