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Tara Reid

In 'Sharknado' S**tstorm

7/29/2013 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tara Reid
is coming back -- kinda sorta -- for the "Sharknado" sequel, according to producers, but it's not what they privately said less than a week ago ... TMZ has learned.

The honchos who made the shark flick had a big reaction to TMZ's story over the weekend, that Tara Reid won't be invited back for round 2.  A rep for Asylum -- the production company -- tweeted, "@Tara Reid is awesome ... We'd be lucky to have her back for the sequel."

But we know there was a meeting last Wednesday in which Asylum exec David Latt talked about the sequel and zeroed in on the return of Ian Ziering -- and that's it.  There's no script ... it's all conceptual, but the talk was all about Ian -- and NOT Tara.  We're told the clear message was that she was out.

Latt now says if Tara doesn't do the flick it's because she's turned THEM down since the film has opened so many doors for her. 

Don't get us wrong ... we really like Tara, and think she'd be fun in part 2.  



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miss b    

Lets feed the Jackson family to the sharks
I bet that would increase ratings.

415 days ago


The whole reason people like this movie because they used all these has been actors. That was part of the catch to this show. Of course the producers should use her. That s what the audience wants. If they go out and get a serious well known actor it just would not work.

415 days ago


She was the scariest thing in the first one, why not have her back?

415 days ago


Why do you keep doing stories on this stupid B movie? TMZ is so random... it picks something and churns 10 stories out about it that no one cares about.

415 days ago


TMZ is truly afraid of the Kardashian women. Not a single story/photo of the women & all their current dramas. What a disservice to your readers TMZ.Why are you shielding the Kardashian family?? Every other site covers them~ VERY fishy.

415 days ago


It would be awesome if she was the first person to get eaten in the sequel.... for bad acting.

415 days ago

Pablo Escabar    

If Tara Reid doesn't get eaten, I'm sure ScyFy will hire the usual female z-lister...Brooke Hogan or Debbie Gibson/Tiffany comes to mind.

415 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Whatever else Tara does in her life, she'll always have one of the sexiest cameos EVER as Bunny in The Big Lebowski.

415 days ago


Good for Tara, **** Harvey and everyone at TMZ!

415 days ago


Good for Tara, F Harvey and everyone at TMZ!

415 days ago

go home!    

Tara Reid was nothing in this movie. Replace her with someone better in the sequel. The other chick that was shooting the sharks with the gun was the better character anyway, so hopefully they will have her back. Tara and her smokers voice is sooo 1990 and not in an awesome Ian Ziering way.

415 days ago


Tara should star in her own movie..Attack Of The 50ft Bimbo! which she ripps out her 'giant implants' and throws them at people to crush them!..

415 days ago


sounds like TMZ just assumed all the points of that first story to sound like it was a scoop!unless you had a mike under the desk (not Fat Mike he wouldnt fit) ! nice back peddle on this but who really cares about a sequel anyway?

415 days ago

I am Spartacus    

SharkNado got the attention it did for being so bad. People kept seeing it in their twitter feeds so they tuned in to see how awful it was. Nobody actually thinks it was a decent movie or actually enjoyed it other than to laugh at it. The producers probably think all of the attention means people liked it but nobody enjoyed it.

415 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh. because tbumz thought they were the one's who 'promoted this flic' ON TMZ WHICH IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL PRIVATE PROPERTY SITE/WEBPAGE! and that the success of it was mainly due to their 'independent input' so they could 'influence and call shots' on 'who is not going to be in the sequel'? well, for BEGINNERS, YA'LL PLASTERED YOUR SITE VIA TARA REID TO 'INDEPENDENTLY PROMOTE THE CHIT-FLIC' how are you going to get all two faced and now pretend like you had 'nothing to do with her getting the boot'. it is up to her to decide if she wants to even fuqn participate. dumn asz fuqn tmz fyags. i swear. too much power trippen in that sweat box. ya'll need to uninstall your 'community urinals' because this chit is just straight up whacko.

415 days ago
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