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Kardashian Family

Beefs Up Security After Pap Breach ... But Something Stinks

7/30/2013 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have beefed up security at their Calabasas estate after a paparazzo allegedly trespassed onto their property, TMZ has learned -- but video footage of the incident makes the whole thing smell kinda fishy.

Kim posted the Blair-Witch-style video online yesterday, showing her mom running into their backyard ... in hot pursuit of the rogue photog.  They say they even called the cops.

Sources close to the K-Klan tell us, the family has since hired round-the-clock security ... pretty crazy considering they already live in a gated community.

Now the fishy part ... If someone really was creeping around their property, why would a defenseless woman like Kim's mom run out to confront him ...  especially a really rich defenseless woman?

Is this a publicity stunt or is she just plain crazy?


No Avatar


Who really cares!!

418 days ago


So staged so fake no wonder the y r getting soooooooooooo boring

418 days ago


why would you air a video of it if they were scared?? i agree i think its a publicity stunt, i bet she hired someone to act like a pap....

418 days ago


Lard ass

418 days ago


i'll tell you what stinks - kim's beluga whale-sized buttocks! that massive manure canon is partially responsible for L.A.'s smog problem! the repugnant stench that must bellow out of her stench sandwich could make a man go blind - or vomit out his gall bladder from retching so hard. disgustingly, smelly-butted woman!

418 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Is this a publicity stunt or is she just plain crazy? YES and YES!

418 days ago

Clint Beastwood    

Do these whores really need more attention? Damn...

418 days ago


Her plastic surgery should be healed by now. This is another very badly faked kardashian spin.

They are getting counter sued, they aren't getting big bucks for the baby photo, chances are this kid is not cute at all. West isn't going to marry her, Jenners show is pitiful, kardashians show is tanking, Odom is tired of being the kardashian klown puppet.

They keep getting more and more pathetic by the day.

418 days ago

Trooper Tom    

More media whoring by this family of cheap no class bunch of tramps. These skanks will do any thing for media attention, around the clock security LOL please no one cares ya pack of skanks

418 days ago


Since when has the K-clan not wanted a photographer around? Especially Pimp Mama. They pay photographers to be around. Is Kim still too fat to be seen? Where was the mighty Kanye? He loves to hit photographers. And he's delusional about his greatness, so he's the perfect person to go after a photographer.

418 days ago


Wow if find it funny Kim and Kris run from the paps, when they're the ones who called them. Girl Stoooopp! We know y'all tricks! Kardashian's love cameras!

418 days ago


PUBLICITY for sure!!!! Kim is so motivated by attention and publicity and was probably getting jealous she hasn't't gotten any headlines/attention since the royal baby was born. Oh well, enjoy your hibernation.....which is all another part of their publicity/attention money making plan too I'm sure. I think most people just as t don't care anymore. They have didn't most of us out and they are doing it to their themselves now.

418 days ago


I guess the Kardashian Klan HIRED Kris Jenner as their security guard; it''s the FIRST REAL JOB anyone in the family has ever had....

418 days ago

There's a problem here    

It's a pap!! Hurry up so he can get our picture then we can sue!!

418 days ago


Chasing AWAY a pap? Yeah right.

418 days ago
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