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Laila Ali

I'm Still In Paula Deen's Corner

7/30/2013 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen has a very powerful ally ... 'cause undefeated boxing champ Laila Ali tells TMZ she's still got Deen's back, even after the n-word controversy.

Right before Deen's kingdom came crumbling down, Laila joined Deen on the Food Network show "Paula's Best Dishes" back in April to cook up some Cloverleaf Rolls, Brussels sprouts, stewed beef and cheese grits.

Since her appearance, Deen has basically been branded a racist due to the fact she admitted using the N-word in private.

So, when Laila and her husband, former NFL star Curtis Conway, rolled into Malibu yesterday, we had to ask how she felt about the disgraced chef.

Considering how important her father is in the African American community ... and the respect he has among all Americans ... Laila's support could be a game changer in Paula's quest for redemption.

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I'm just a little lost as to why this woman is losing everything for something that was said 30 years ago and possibly being ignorant to others feelings while Michael Jackson paid off numerous families for sexually abusing their children and he's canonized. I fear for our future!

458 days ago


Cheers to her

458 days ago

Not So Ignorant    

I feel when it comes to racism, you're a product of your environment. Unless you're exposed to an environment where its not okay to make these comments, you won't know anything else. I think Paula Deen should be forgiven. I'm sure she now realizes the weight that certain words carry in our society.

458 days ago


YOU ALL HAVE YOUR HEADS IN THE SAND!!! Paula is upset because the slaves have been freed. Paula wishes blacks were still enslaved so that they can be used to make craxxxers like her feel superior and wealthy. The south will NEVER rise again!!!

457 days ago


I suspect that most intelligent, successful black people are far more tolerant about situations like this one with Paula Deen. They worked hard for what they have, they made it and they are enjoying their life. They are not miserable and looking for someone else to blame for their failure.

457 days ago


Make most white people swear on the Bible and see what you get...

457 days ago


You know what's disgusting, the media.

457 days ago

Needa B    

Why do so many people keep missing the point?? The issue isn't about her using the N-word, although that's what so many people are focused on. It's her underlying racist attitude with the fac that she sees nothing wrong with longing for the "good old Pre-Civil war days when blacks were slaves". She sees nothing wrong with wanting to dress middle-aged black men like they're boys so they can wait on white people and be like the Ole Plantation days. Uh, newsflash people, the only people who want those days back are old racist white people who want blacks to be back the way they were - slaves or living in Jim Crow days. Stop trivializing this - it's NOT about the N Word - its about wanting black people to be in a slave condition. And Paula doesn't see anything wrong with that -- for me, that's racist and that's a problem for me with her.

457 days ago


Was the person who wrote this story African-American? I highly doubt it because any of US would be hard pressed to equate the fact that Laila's dad is Muhammed Ali to Laila's opinion bearing anymore weight than any other Black American.

You're making a real shallow connection. Kinda stereotypical, in fact. Way to go TMZ. Keeping it "classy" as always.

"Considering how important her father is in the African American community ... and the respect he has among all Americans ... Laila's support could be a game changer in Paula's quest for redemption."

457 days ago


TMZ is getting as bad as Fox News!

451 days ago


Laila Ali said she didn't know much about Paula. All she knew was that she was a good cook and she still feels she is a good cook. Paula being racist or ignorant will not change her cooking skills. Let's not be stupid...this whole ordeal didn't stem from 30 yrs ago.

445 days ago
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