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Lindsay Lohan


7/30/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan is officially free to leave rehab Wednesday ... but she's decided on her own to stay longer ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with LiLo tell TMZ ... Lindsay has told them she will stay another 3 - 4 days because she feels she needs a transition period before re-entering the free world.  We're told she'd like to stay in a "lower level, sober living house" which she believes will help her recovery.

It sounds like B.S. for sure, given Lindsay's many failed, insincere attempts in the past. But several people connected with Lindsay -- whom we trust -- say they're "shocked" at her conduct this time around.  One source said, "It's like invasion of the body snatchers.  She's a different person."

Lindsay is still moving to NYC when she leaves rehab, and we're told she's scared about the temptations she'll face, but claims she really wants to conquer her demons this time around. 

Even the skeptics in her life think she's serious this time.



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Awesome, You shouldn't be Proud of yourself

416 days ago


The #littlestars are in a tizzy:

Lindsay Lohan PH ‏@LindsayLohanPH
At this very moment we are not sure if lindsay will be staying much longer for treatment or not. Are we gonna cancel #LindsayIsBack? Tell me

416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Looks like Dina is pimping out the sex slave

Aliana ‏@aliana 29 Jul
#SeoulKorea #model #work 🙏🚀

416 days ago


Watching the comments I see a trend......Hired trolls .........the one that say I hope she this or that and the I think she means it this time .....etc......never posted on the playground before but coming out of the woodwork on this story......Sorry don't believe that there is that many stupid people left who still believe in her.......
Hell its simple enough to hire them its done all the time.....and Lohan Inc has done it before especially
when they are spinning shy big time like today.....
Like I said yesterday the push is on......Lohan Inc and their silent money man are going all out to sell the NEW and IMPROVED Lindsay Lohan to the World......Their will be more back room deals made and more I scatched your back now you got to scatch mine or else going on to get her jobs and keep her face in the spot light and if they are smart they will keep her own a choke chain and hobbles to keep her out of club and back ally's cause Lindsay doesn't have any problem see it's all the others who get in her way.....Wonder what the story will be for tomorrow ...cause you know they got one or three or half a dozen already lined up......LOL .....Wonder if Billy Bush can keep his smirk from showing when he has to read the next Lindsay story on Access ..he hasn't been able to lately and it's a riot watching him try..........

416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Dina is to drunk to manage her daughter so Jr. has taken the role

Michael C. Lohan ‏@mikelohan 3h
text me when you land @aliana #koreasfavoritemodel

At least he cares

416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Lindsay Lohan Not Allowed To Attend The Canyons Premiere! So Mom Dina Lohan Went Instead!

Take a bow, Dina Lohan! Sure, you had nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan's new movie The Canyons, per se. But after giving birth to the movie's star, we think you deserve some credit!

Poor Lindz is still locked up in rehab for one more day so she couldn't attend The Canyons premiere in New York on Monday night.

No worries! Your mom had NO PROBLEMO walking the red carpet in your place

Between her new rave reviews, her upcoming 8-part docu-series with Oprah Winfrey and a guest-hosting gig on Chelsea Lately next month, could we soon see the second-coming of LOHAN!

C'mon, Lindsay! We believe in you! Now just keep clean and carry on!

And if she seriously wants to stay sober, she's going to need nothing but support from her mom! That means NO partying, Dina! Just some nice, quiet, mother-daughter bonding time.

May we suggest doing a puzzle??

Nice drunken pic of Dina too....Bwahahhahaha!

416 days ago


Some "sources" say Teresa Guidice is already willing to flip DUIna for a sentence of mansion-arrest and a book deal. She says she can put a stop to all of DUIna's lies once and for all and pin racketeering charges on her, but not for free.

416 days ago


Quick annoy in before work, well it is 31/7 here, should I be smelling "Eau de Release"???

416 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maddy, I can't find it!

416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

LA, You got mail

416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    



416 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

I want it to be Summer forever!!!

Just wanted to share that :)

416 days ago


This must be one hefty of a rehab bill for the Lohans to these sell lies. And as for the day she is released, we will know the day because the pictures will surface.

416 days ago


Holy Craaap!!!!! These #littlefreaks are scary. The children are one thing but those 14 or so and over really need therapy. I'm sitting in my room waiting for a sign she loves me. Wow!!! Below is the text from a video. You can find it at @loveldl
Lindsay is finally free
It’s been 3 months without her
It’s felt like 3 decades
Hash Tag Freckled Freedom
Hash Tag Freckled Freedom
Lindsay is out of rehab
She has been recovering
No lights, no cameras.
No Twitter, no sign that she loves me.
I have been patiently waiting.
Sitting in my room.
Staring at my computer screen.
A photo demonstrates that she is happy.
A photo tells me that everything will be okay.
Lindsay Lohan has left rehab
#freckledfreedom#freckledfreedom #freckledfreedom #freckledfreedom #freckledfreedom #freckledfreedom #freckledfreedom #freckledfreedom

416 days ago


Get some vodka grab a bong,
Tell me now what could go wrong?
Dial your dealer make the call,
Get back on your adderall.
Who needs rehab who needs work,
Blame your crimes on some dumb jerk.
Find a dude crash at his pad,
Once an actress now just sad.
This was not part of her plan,
The sad end of Lindsay Lohan.

416 days ago
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