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Teresa Giudice


In the Face of Prison

7/30/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0730_teresa_giudice_launch "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Giudice doesn't look fazed by the possibility of a massive looming prison sentence -- in fact, she was all smiles with her daughter on Tuesday ... and she looked damn good too.

As we reported, Giudice and her husband Joe each face up to 30 years in the big house for bank fraud, tax evasion, and more -- after officials say the couple defrauded the IRS and multiple banks from 2001-2008.

The couple surrendered to authorities just hours ago, and have each been released on $500,000 bond. They're due back in court August 14.

Happy summer!!!


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Teresa the Tranny

429 days ago


I hope these greasers go to prison for a VERY long time! They TOTALLY deserve it ! As for "Greaser Joe," that bastard should be deported ASAP -- AFTER his prison time, of course !

429 days ago


This is typical Teresa, Don't let them see ya sweat

But we all know, she's scared to death ! She should be, anyone who thinks she will get away with 29 counts against the government is , not in real reality

Keep smiling , you stupid woman, and such a disgrace to motherhood !!

SHAME ON BOTH OF THEM ! We all know your getting what you both deserve. Karma is a bitch

I along with millions of American's are going to enjoy the demise of this fraudulent , spoiled, self-indulged, phony, arrogant, shady, criminal couple !!!

429 days ago



Mess with the bull...

Reality show "celebrity" = loser...


429 days ago


She doesn't look phased because of the plastic surgery! How can they afford these things. And not pay taxes????

429 days ago


She looks Asian her face is so tight!

429 days ago


Her daughters are mega brats.. she is also teaching her daughters that when they get married you accept whatever you husband do and say.
Joe cheats on Teresa and she looks the other way. He calls her names and she does nothing. Her 4 daughters are going to be spineless like their mom.

429 days ago


she is so stupid ..she is in big trouble..this is not going to go away... these are federal prosecutors after them.

429 days ago


I can't wait for August 14th! Anxiously waiting pics of Joe and Grease-ah in handcuffs.. LOL. That aside, this is gonna do wonders for the RHONJ ratings..

429 days ago


The fun part is going to watch them go broke and poor. Because of these criminal charges:

No one is going to buy her cookbooks
They already have shelved out one million is bonds
The attorney costs will be over the moon
The fees and penalties will wipe them out
No business people will do business with them
The IRS back taxes will be demanded
Joe still has to face the Driver License fraud jail & fees
Ect ect

So I think it's safe to say --------- the Giudice's will be broke, poor, and in jail. This is going to be fun to watch

429 days ago


She is CLEARLY worried but trying to hold it together for her child who is Facing her in that shot. While I hold no fuzzy feelings for ANYONE who NEEDS that much money and status, remember, the Lot of you, the judgment you dish out, you will, one day, have to swallow.

429 days ago


She deserves to smile. Celebrities are better than you and me. They entertain us and show us how interesting people live. So she should not be thrown in jail. Go, Teresa!

429 days ago

mary jo     

These people that are charging them I would not want to play with. They will get time that is what you get for lying . well I wonder how Bravo looks at you now you are not rich and wealthy but liars and fruads you should be released from that show immediately. Now we know these shows are fake

429 days ago


Used to like her a couple years ago, but now I have to agree with the other comments. She is delusional and Juicy Joe (yuck) should be deported to Italy and spend his time in prison there. Just came back from there and 350 American dollars barely got us air conditioning. Let him sweat him out there! I'll let Theresa sweat it out in NJ. Someone BETTER go to prison THIS time. How many times to you screw with the system without getting punished???

429 days ago


She's not laughing, TMZ!!! That's her brave face.

429 days ago
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