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Justin Bieber


By NYC Nightclub

7/31/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Poor little Justin Bieber wanted to party his face off Monday night ... but His Douche-ness was brutally shot down by one NYC nightclub ... because he's still a baby in bar years (i.e. under 21).

Our NYC party sources tell us ... Biebs and his crew showed up to Griffin Nightclub in the Meatpacking District around 2:00 AM ... looking to drop serious coin on bottle service.

But money can't buy everything ... we're told JB was DENIED entrance by the club's security because he's only 19 -- making his presence a potential problem (see Chicago earlier this month).

Not to be defeated ... Biebs and his posse were shot minutes later cruising into another club, Catch ... where he probably just sipped water.


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You realize that calling a teenager "Doucheness" kind of makes you a bully. I'm not saying that I agree or approve of things he's been doing lately but he IS still a teenager, not a 30 yr old man doing these things. Go pick on someone your own age, not a KID. It's disturbing how you single out certain celebrities. I'm sure he doesn't really feel like he is doing anything wrong by going to a bar, as the drinking age in his country is 19.

449 days ago


just goes to show how stupid and immature he is thinking he is more important than a Club's liquor license . what a tool girl ! did he for one second think it's illegal for the club to serve his scrawny lil a ss ?

449 days ago

Kim Ellis    

Someone needs to slap the **** out of this kid

449 days ago


Can you imagine how much his paid friendships cost? He is reeeeely stupid.

449 days ago


Nice womanly glasses he has there.

449 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

TMZ why don't you get the **** off this guys case! You will stop at nothing to put hime down! The only thing CAN"T BRING HIM DOWN YOU *******S! Why., because he's talented as hell, hot, powerfull, and has fans worldwide! Why don't you spend time on destroying someone you CAN bring down! Oh, and why don't you interview fans that he actually spit on????? Why....because he actually didn't spit on them you fools! Justin's rep spoke and yet you still try to make everyone believe he actually spit on them. Know people who were there DUDE! You're lyin and you know it!

449 days ago


It was easy to get into the other "club". Just walk in and pick a toilet stall. Be there at 2:15AM sharp for manly love.

449 days ago


You people are fu**ing *******s! Stop making all these fake story's of jb. I bet your all jelious of him because he's hot talented and just amazing. I'm making sure everyone I know never ever reads your fake and disgusting story's and people who believe these get the fu** out of here it's like people who write these have lets say 63 followers and justin well he has over 40million followers

449 days ago


Good going TMZ, love when you guys lay into the Boobs. Love when these clubs locate their balls and tell him no.

449 days ago


U guys sound incredibly desperate for Justin to be gay .... Maybe keep ur fantasies to urself ... And I happen to be someone who is not at all a fan of Justin beiber but c'mon now

449 days ago


at least one nightclub follows the rules. The others probably pay the cops to leave them alone while they serve underage kids. Would be interesting to see what would happen to one of the clubs if hey let an underage kid in, get drunk, then drive and kill someone in an accident.

449 days ago


If I was a photog, I would have reported seeing a minor go into the club & take pics of him fleeing or better busted.

449 days ago


He missed the No Douches Allowed sign.

449 days ago


It's about time someone said NO to this punk. He needs more of that so he stops thinking he can do anything and get away with it. In 5 years, we'll be saying "Justin who?".

449 days ago


When will this twerp get a clue?

449 days ago
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