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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Orders Therapy

To Avoid 'Certain Failure'

7/31/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The rehab facility that Lindsay Lohan has called home for weeks sent a letter to the judge in her probation case ... saying LiLo will lapse back into drug and alcohol abuse if she doesn't get more court-ordered therapy ... and guess what, the judge agreed.

TMZ obtained a copy of the letter from Cliffside Malibu, in which CEO and founder Richard Taite tells the judge, Lindsay needs 3, 50-minute sessions a week for the next 15 months (18 months from last May).  Then Taite gives an ominous warning: "If these sessions are not required by the court and attendance verified once a month to ensure accountability, it is a set up for almost certain failure."


The judge agreed in open court this morning, and ordered that Lindsay stay in therapy and prove a year from November that she's complied.

Meanwhile in court, Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Holley showed up with proof Lindsay successfully completed her 90 days of rehab.


Outside court, Shawn talked about "Lindsay 2.0." ... and made a bold prediction about her client's future.



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Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Haha so they aren't even being verified monthly . Yes

427 days ago


To all of the people who say Lindsay looks great-go get your eyes examined immediately. The bitch is only 27 years old -while the current pictures are an improvement over Brazil and New Years-she looks triple her age. At 27 most people still get carded in clubs and liquor stores. Lindsay will soon be getting correspondence from AARP. SHE DOES NOT LOOK GREAT!!

427 days ago


Apparently Blohan LIED (shocker) about going to therapy PRIOR to entering rehab. Has to start over. HAHAHA

427 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

If it will help her life and her health I don't see how it can be wrong.

She should be so busy working and active she doesn't have time for so much recreation.

She's our A list girl celebrity for this generation.

She's the one all the young people relate to because she's been in the places that are their reality. We don't want to see her waste and ruin her life at a party when she's a talented actress and gifted person.

Mental toughness. Don't let her pout her way out of it. She's got to be strong enough to resist some things and prioritize.

Lindsay "its not about not partying, it's about learning to self regulate. It's about learning to say no and knowing healthy vs. non healthy- positive vs. negative temptation.

You'll never be high like you're high from a natural high.

It takes effort.

A year is not a long time if you are really committed to your cause and purpose.

Everyone said you couldn't make and do it and you did. Finish what you started and make liars out of critics or you be mad at yourself later on.

Everybody is cheering for you lady.

Just don't be so out in the open with so much so often.

Be Good. And by the way, you great and very natural. Everyone said you couldn't do it and wouldn't do it.

427 days ago


This is a good thing for Lindsay. The Judge had already ordered 18 months therapy reduced to 16 for therapy received. If she is in NY all she has to do is Skype or phone the therapist.

Great to see such a good in that letter about Lindsay which brings me to the unsettling matter how did TMZ get a copy of this letter? from the prosecutors office? Do TMZ not understand the words medical privacy? Disgraceful.

427 days ago


Certain Failure is all apart of Lindsay's destiny, because she is a failure at everything she dose.

427 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

"She will get credit for the time she's been in the program. So we'll make it 18 months from May 2nd that's November 3rd"

427 days ago


And how is she going to do these therapy sessions when she is promoting The Canyons in Venice? Does she get to call them in?

427 days ago


Let me pop my popcorn and boil my tea. The show is really about to begin.

427 days ago


Is she off probation now, I have lost

427 days ago


She is snorting coke as we type..

427 days ago


You know, I am willing to bet that my cities Mayor, Mayor Filner could hook up with Lindsay. He might not be able to get with old ugly washed up women, but Lindsay... If that creep Fillner told her she had bewitching eyes flashed and couple of bucks, she would be all over the old bastard

427 days ago


And her community service?
Ha Ha
The L.A. Morgue is calling for her return.

427 days ago


Still waiting for one good reason why i should like her.i can give thousands of reasons why i should hate her..

427 days ago

Professional Party Animal     

LiLo should just do a reality show like the Kardashians, only with lesbian porn, and get rich and not have to ever really work again like Khloe, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian do, who wants to work, life is one big party right?

427 days ago
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