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Lindsay Lohan

Judge Orders Therapy

To Avoid 'Certain Failure'

7/31/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The rehab facility that Lindsay Lohan has called home for weeks sent a letter to the judge in her probation case ... saying LiLo will lapse back into drug and alcohol abuse if she doesn't get more court-ordered therapy ... and guess what, the judge agreed.

TMZ obtained a copy of the letter from Cliffside Malibu, in which CEO and founder Richard Taite tells the judge, Lindsay needs 3, 50-minute sessions a week for the next 15 months (18 months from last May).  Then Taite gives an ominous warning: "If these sessions are not required by the court and attendance verified once a month to ensure accountability, it is a set up for almost certain failure."


The judge agreed in open court this morning, and ordered that Lindsay stay in therapy and prove a year from November that she's complied.

Meanwhile in court, Lindsay's lawyer Shawn Holley showed up with proof Lindsay successfully completed her 90 days of rehab.


Outside court, Shawn talked about "Lindsay 2.0." ... and made a bold prediction about her client's future.



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There are two things that tick me off. 1. Everyone comparing her to RDJ. Stop. He chose to get better and did his time. She won't be like him so knock it off. 2. People who post on all stories about her that blame her parents. STILL! You guys need to realize she is an adult and she made the choices herself. It's sad how some can't see this.

418 days ago



418 days ago


OK lets vote-Who is more annoying Susan or Nicole?

418 days ago


"Lindsay needs 3, 50-minute sessions a week for the next 16 months (18 months from last May)" I.E. She's done her time but let's squeeze more money out of her.

418 days ago


Translation: Send Lohan back to us with another big fat check.

418 days ago


Judge Dabney was never under any delusion that Lohan would treat this 90 days or jail rehab would just be another joke to her.

In addition to that, 18 months of shrink and 30 days labor community service.

Per the facility, recomended that Lohan is to do 3 days per week of shrink for the next 16 months. She has to prove once per month that she 'actually' showed up 3 times per week. Lohan needs to do this to comply with this current probation terms. Judge Dabney had no problem with that.

Lohan is not being able to do the whatever she feels like once a week shrink phone in joke.

418 days ago


She should start by getting a full makeover and getting rid of the fake hair.

418 days ago


I hope we don't get any beach photos of Lindsay today or tomorrow or the next day with that so called sober coach of hers. Those pictures of Syndney Leathers were bad enough for the whole week!

418 days ago


Great way to pump up the revenue, Richard.

418 days ago


Lohan has to pay for or have someone else pay for all of this. Not a dime from the taxpayers. If Lohan went to jail than it's the taxpayers dime. These judges were never stupid like Lohan thought they were.

418 days ago


She will never fulfill all these obligations without her Adderall and chain smoking habit to lose the weight tubby gained. She has to go to Venice, then back to do Oprah, then the 8 part reality series that will be more lies, and a last ditch effort to save OWN. Plus all her court obligations that extend until 2014. Besides when she entered rehab, as everyone knows, she said she didn't need it. Now all the sudden she's sober and learned to cut out "friends", which I can't imagine she has many left being broke. I guarantee you Gavin is still on the list of friends she wants. Does anyone actually think she can do all of the above without drinking or abusing prescription pills, or trying coke for the fifth time in her life? I for one do not.

418 days ago


How on earth does TMZ get a copy of this do***ent? That is so wrong.

418 days ago


"3, 50-minute sessions a week for the next 16 months"

Damn, that would drive me right back into drinking. Who wants to "go to the doctor" for an hour every other day for the next 16 months ? That's crazy.

418 days ago


The no talent will relapse as sure as the sun rising. She is an unrepentant addict who lies and manipulates to get her way. She only attended rehab to avoid jail and to perhaps shut up some of her critics (everybody). She will be drunk and stoned soon and most likely end up dead from drugs or alcohol poisoning. She has only her own self inflicted stupidity to blame for her situation and her inevitable future.. lindsy is an addict and and addict cannot be changed.

418 days ago


One of these days in the very near future, Lindsay will be dead. Some may laugh, and some may cry, and some... my not give a rats ass!

418 days ago
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