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Philadelphia Eagles

White Player Apologizes

for N-word Threat [Update]

7/31/2013 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

2:54 PM PT --
The Eagles tell TMZ ... Cooper has been FINED for making the comments and "has accepted responsibility for his words and actions."

The team tells us, "This sort of behavior or attitude from anyone has no role in a civil society."

The Eagles did not specify the amount of the fine.

Philadelphia Eagles
wide receiver Riley Cooper -- who is white -- is begging for forgiveness after a video surfaced showing the 25-year-old threatening to fight "every n**ger" at a country music concert.

The video was shot June 9 during a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia ... where a sleeveless Cooper turned to the camera and says, "I will jump that fence and fight every n**ger here.”

Now, after the video, which first appeared on CrossingBroad.com, began making the rounds on various websites, Cooper has released a statement saying, "I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize."

"I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach, to Jeffrey Lurie, to Howie Roseman and to my teammates. I owe an apology to the fans and to this community. I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses. What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.”

The Eagles had high hopes for Cooper going into the 2013 season -- and was expected to be a starter when the season kicks off in September.

It's unclear if this video will change those plans ...

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No Avatar


Rappers/ Hip-Hop "community" need to apologize for using the N-Word several times per day.

418 days ago

Real n the field    

man up and grow some and own up to whats truely in your heart.

Now here is a professional athletic probably adored by blacks as well, secretly hiding his Racist white supremecy ways.

So what he is saying is, instead of him enjoying the concert, he rather seek out any blacks that are also enjoying county music and fight them?

so basically he is saying what racist white people being doing for hundred of years..

Attacking innocent blacks minding there own damn business.

let history speak for itself:

History of Violence perpetrated upon blacks by whites 1880-1950:



History has already shown you whats in there minds and hearts.
but you will never find this in a text book now will you.

and this story validates it!!

Wake up ..keep one eye open, and one eye closed, and watch your backs!!

dont depend on anyone else to help you

The brainwashing has been thoroughly completed
to the masses of the world.

history will repeat itself.

They're Plotting and there armed.

418 days ago

Leopold butters Stotch     

If Oprah ever saw this goof she will eat him alive and be mad he used the N word.

418 days ago

Mrs Jackson    

**** him he's a nobody to all black people

418 days ago


If this is a scandal . . . it should be a scandal for ALL who use the N-Word.

418 days ago


Wait, he was FINED, not FIRED?? Oh, yeah, pay him millions and then fine him, what, $1,000? $5,000? $10,000? Like he really ****ing cares. Way to stay the same classless, piece of **** organization that hired Vick, Eagles. Can't wait to see you get beat down this football season.

418 days ago


lol i read some of these comments.people act like they have never used the word beaner,****** or cracker in their lives to describe the races those names are notorious for describing

418 days ago


Don't single out certain races, but give free-passes to other races using the N-Word.
Doing so is racist!

418 days ago


The bottom line is this: White people can't come to terms with the fact that there is ANYTHING a Black person can say/do that they can't. White people are fully cognizant of the consequences that WILL come if they utter that word out of there mouth but yet they do it anyway. Translation: A Black person can say the word without consequence, a White person can't. It's really that simple. Whether you deem it fair or unfair that's reality, and everyone on here knows that whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

418 days ago


Philadelphia Eagles
White Player Apologizes
for N-word Threat [Update]................Paula Deen Part 2

418 days ago


I don't get the context but when we say "racism" are we saying he was talking about black people or just the regular N word everyone trows around. I don't see any blacks there so he may have been talking about some white guys that are coming at him

418 days ago


funny the blacks ,media and white guilt crowd had no problem with trayvon referring to zimmerman as a crazy assed cracker. you know a racial term.yet zimmerman gets deemed the racist while trayvon gets deemed the innocent 10 year old choir boy.

418 days ago


Look he was at a country concert there were no black people in the crowd. He was referring to all the guys friends. He was just trying to be hip. He probably speaks that way with the guys in the locker room. If Rick Ross can say I'm being followed by some creepy ass cracker in a rap song this shouldn't be a problem.

418 days ago


Oh Riley, how could you soil your name like this??????

418 days ago


In addition to having a "FOUL MOUTH", Riley Cooper lacks "COMMON SENSE"!!! Anyone with any sort of "NOTORIETY" is subject to be recorded in public for sale to numerous media outlets. Historically, when "CAUCASIANS" use the "N-WORD" there wasn't any "WARM & FUZZY" meaning attached to it which makes it even more "TABOO" for them to be heard using it. About 50% of Rap Music is purchased by young "CAUCASIAN" males and they forget what seems "COOL" and "ENTERTAINING" to them isn't "POLITICALLY CORRECT" as far as the "VAST MAJORITY" of the public is concerned. He's learning the "HARD WAY" FAME HAS IT DRAWBACKS!!!

418 days ago
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