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Philadelphia Eagles

White Player Apologizes

for N-word Threat [Update]

7/31/2013 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

2:54 PM PT --
The Eagles tell TMZ ... Cooper has been FINED for making the comments and "has accepted responsibility for his words and actions."

The team tells us, "This sort of behavior or attitude from anyone has no role in a civil society."

The Eagles did not specify the amount of the fine.

Philadelphia Eagles
wide receiver Riley Cooper -- who is white -- is begging for forgiveness after a video surfaced showing the 25-year-old threatening to fight "every n**ger" at a country music concert.

The video was shot June 9 during a Kenny Chesney concert in Philadelphia ... where a sleeveless Cooper turned to the camera and says, "I will jump that fence and fight every n**ger here.”

Now, after the video, which first appeared on CrossingBroad.com, began making the rounds on various websites, Cooper has released a statement saying, "I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize."

"I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach, to Jeffrey Lurie, to Howie Roseman and to my teammates. I owe an apology to the fans and to this community. I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses. What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.”

The Eagles had high hopes for Cooper going into the 2013 season -- and was expected to be a starter when the season kicks off in September.

It's unclear if this video will change those plans ...

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The n-word has become the most powerful word on the planet. When it is used, people get fired, riots take place, apologies are issued, a national conversation takes place, and there is a healing process to endure. Can you think of any other single word that has that kind of power?

428 days ago


Ah, I don't think I would call the N Word publicly because in a few weeks, I would have to play azz kicking football with some 300 pound black guys who might not appreciate my choice of words. He should include a bulls eye on his uniform. Moron.

428 days ago

Just Saying    

How many games do you think he'll play before an angry black defensive player knock the f&@k out of him? I say, 1st game of preseason. Anyone want to chime in? Wide receivers should never say anything offensive about anything just because of their position.

428 days ago


Jay-Z used the N word in 13 of 16 tunes on his new CD.
Now let's get back to lynching Cooper and Paula, can we?

428 days ago


It amazes me how racist white America still is in 2013. It's truly sad that you allowed the generations of ignorance to survive for so long. Most of these comment are gross and does not show white America in a good light. Second I hate the use of the N word and don't use it myself but don't get upset if an African American uses it. To me it's the same as women calling each other bitches, to each it's own. But once that word comes out of a white persons mouth the meaning changes and becomes a weapon. It's not white Americas place to dictate to Black America how they can use the word. You just don't do it or you will face the consequences of a society's wrath. So if you want to go in your home and or with you closet racist friends you can trust not taping you go at but watch your surroundings.

428 days ago


Everytime I come to this site there are articles about racist. Who really gives a s**t? I don't, because I learned long ago that the only difference in the races is skin color, language, culture, & religion in some. EVERYBODY squats. EVERYBODY is full of s**t, mucous, & piss. And in the end EVERYBODY DIES!!! When anyone can point me to someone who does not do the aforementioned, then I will believe in a superior race. Oh, and by the way EVERY RACE is full of savages, just look at the things ALL RACES do to each other and the crimes committed world wide. STFU already.

428 days ago


Oh man ... he's in for a good 'ol fashioned butt-kicking when he gets back on the field. How many black linebackers, safeties, and defensive linemen, do you think are going to make sure they hit him a little extra hard now due to his comments?

428 days ago


The bottom line is this: White people can't come to terms with the fact that there is ANYTHING a Black person can say/do that they can't. White people are fully cognizant of the consequences that WILL come if they utter that word out of there mouth but yet they do it anyway. Translation: A Black person can say the word without consequence, a White person can't. It's really that simple. Whether you deem it fair or unfair that's reality, and everyone on here knows that whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

428 days ago


The reality is this: White people will never come to grips and accept the fact that there is ANYTHING a Black person can/do say that they can't. That's why they continue to use it even though they know the potential consequence(s). Translation: Black people can say the word without consequence, White people can't. It's really that simple. Whether you deem it fair or unfair, that's the reality. I'm not looking for likes or dislikes, it's just the truth and everybody posting on here knows it.

428 days ago


Who was he referring to? Blacks are just anyone raises his ire in general?

428 days ago


Honestly, you can be a hardcore racist without saying the n-word at all. I'm not a gimp hater because i'm using the "idiot" word all day, I'm not a women hater because i use the s-, b- w-words in almost any of my posts here, you stupid idiot bitches..

428 days ago


The only thing that will save this guy is if one or more of his black teammates publicly defends him. Hopefully for him they will, as Anthony Weiner would say, do him a solid.

428 days ago


No need for apologies. Let people know who you are. There should be no shame in being an idiot! At least you're letting others know that you've stopped progressing in your mental capacities

428 days ago


have fun in pre-season Riley!!

428 days ago


God Bless Him......

428 days ago
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