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Georges St-Pierre

Jean-Claude Van Damme's

A Real Life BADASS

8/1/2013 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

080113_gsp_launchHe was a joke in "Street Fighter" ... he sucked in "Double Team" ... but Jean-Claude Van Damme could BEAT YOUR ASS in real life, so says UFC champ Georges St-Pierre.

A well-dressed GSP was out being a badass in NYC yesterday when we asked if he thought martial arts legend Bruce Lee would be able to dominate in today's UFC (c'mon, of course he would).

But Georges said the superfight he'd REALLY like to see is Van Damme vs. Chuck Norris -- "I think that would have been the best showdown."

GSP says he's trained with JC in the past and says the Muscles from Brussels is no joke when it comes to fighting (see: final scene from "Bloodsport").

Of course, Chuck Norris is kind of a badass too -- he once FOUGHT A BEAR!

So, we gotta ask ...

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449 days ago

Joey Boots    

Jean Claud Van ***** got his ass beat - matter of fact, knocked the f*#k out by Chuck Zito some years ago - I'd like to see a rematch.

449 days ago


That would be a good fight.. I think it be a push between the two. I think Lee would wipe the floor with either of these though.

449 days ago


"Dux my man!"

449 days ago


Chuck Norris would beat VanDammes' ass! Chuck Norris is a black belt in BrazilliaN juijitsu through the Machada brothers.

449 days ago


Chuck Norris was unbeatable when he was in the tournament circuit he has multiple black belts he is the highest ranking black belt in the western hemishphere. He has continued with his training. JCVD may be good but he has not excelled in his art or continued attaining a higher status in the martial arts. Chuck Norris would mop the floor with him if he HAD to. He would not try to get in a fight of any kind because that is the type of martial artist he is.

449 days ago


Chuck Noris was like a 9 time champion. Van Damn was beat up by Chuck Zito who has little MA experience. Chuck Norris would kill him.

449 days ago


Chuck Norris can piss his name into concrete. Van Damme tinkles. Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands. Nuff said.

449 days ago


Chuck Norris does not ****** the ladies. He potato-sacks them.

449 days ago


Chuck Norris does not tea-bag the ladies. He potato-sacks them.

449 days ago


In their prime, I would say Chuck Norris absolutely wins, but Chuck is 73 and JCVD is 52, neither is in their prime. I still think Chuck could probably win, but JCVD is closer to his prime and from what I know is pretty damn good and would put up a pretty good fight.

449 days ago


Haha... I worked with Jean Claude on one of his films.. There is a body double stunt man who does all his fight scenes. Guy looks identical to JCVD. All Jean Claude just does is the spin kick. Chuck Zito kicked his ass in a bar one night. Van Damme is all bark and no bite.

449 days ago


Chuck Norris can pop a Viagra pill and give Van Damme a black eye with his peen.

449 days ago

Baby pink    

It's an EVEN 50/50 tie on the vote count but, I'd have to say CHUCK !!

449 days ago

david jay    

every one forgets jcvd got knocked out by a bouncer outside of a strip club in nyc in the 90's

449 days ago
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