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Jamie Lee Curtis

Injured In Car Crash

Jodie Foster to the Rescue!

8/1/2013 5:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie Lee Curtis got in a serious car accident Thursday ... and was taken by ambulance to a hospital ... after Jodie Foster came to the rescue -- TMZ has learned.

The accident occurred in a highly trafficked area of Venice, CA Thursday morning.  Jamie was a passenger in a black Yukon SUV, which crashed into a BMW. 

Two people -- including Jamie -- were taken in 2 separate ambulances to the ER.  We're told Jamie's injuries were minor ... and she's already home and resting.  As for the other person ... we're told the injuries were more serious.

Now get this ... a witness tells TMZ ... immediately after the crash, Jamie called Jodie Foster, who showed up almost immediately -- just like out of a movie.

In related news... here's a funny comment: 0801_rip_quote


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I was thinking when this was mentioned on TMZ live, it's kind of ironic Jodie Foster showed up, she played the kid in the original Freaky Friday, and Jamie Lee Curtis played the mom in the remake.

392 days ago


Maybe her "occasional irregularity" was acting up?

Time for another Activia.

391 days ago


Who cares what kind of cars .accidents happen that's why we carry insurance...

391 days ago

glenda pine    

ACTIVIA to the rescue.... eat the GREEK ACTIVIA.... make you strong.. like superman....LOL

391 days ago


And how do you know it was the friend's fault? Yes, she hit the other car - but that vehicle could have pulled out in front of her--and, just because Jamie called Jodie Foster -- does not mean she is gay -- my cousin is gay -- I'm not and I would call her if necessary. People need to think before they post.

391 days ago


someone probably put a 'hit' on her because she's having an affair with yogurt!

391 days ago


I hope Jamie Lee Curtis is feeling better soon. Glad to hear that she wasn't seriously injured, or worse.. Perhaps Lindsay Lohan should have called Jodie Foster after her crash(es). Ms. Foster sounds like your go to girl after a tragedy. i.e. Mel Gibson.

391 days ago

Peter Watts    

Talk about committing to a hairstyle and sticking to until the end. Get a new look you old bat. It isn't 1983 anymore.

391 days ago


To Tippy Katz,
Your comment about Jamie Lee Curtis was very imature, and very criticle. Sounds like your jeolous. At least she is doing a job, which Activia is very good, and does help your digestion as far as containing probiotics, which I am sure you know nothing about. Just wait till you grow up and get older.
Also, I worked in the health field at one time. A wreck or accident as it is called now, as she and her friend were in most times does take lives. Because of the technology of today's engineer's vehicles are made more accident safe.
It is not a pretty sight to see brain, and blood, possibly bone mixed together at the scene's of ACCIDENTS of this type. Also the safety of the rescuer's that went to her aid, thier safety and Jodie Foster too.
Maybe, if you live long enough, you will see such an accident, that is not so pretty. But grow-up, and try not to make such an imature remark, about any one. You just have shown how much immature and snide comments you are capable of making before your friends and co-horts, if you do have any, that you are, AND ARE CAPABLE OF....MAY GOD BLESS YOU, AND HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL, AND PRAY JAMIE WILL FORGIVE YOU, FOR YOU ARE NOT FUNNY AT ALL....

391 days ago


I must be missing something. Not quite understanding what the big deal is that she called Jodie Foster. I imagine their friends, duh!!! So what!!!!!!!!!!

391 days ago


I have always had a great admiration and respect for
Jodie Foster. She, as with the two Deschanel sisters, should be used more as the positive role examples, (models), for those who admire "Hollywood." They are all well educated, talented, and have good manners and respect for others. I have read that all three donate to Focus Adolescent Services, / to help save the children of our country.

391 days ago


Jodie your the best actor ever! I can't begin to tell you how respected you are in my book. Thank you for your
amazing talent.

391 days ago


Straight people can have gay friends too.

391 days ago

Hedge Hog    

After putting down a six pack of Activia she was most likely in a rush to get to a bathroom, due to a major irritable bowl explosion.

391 days ago


yup, just as I suspected...Curtis is a big dyke lol

379 days ago
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