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Lindsay Lohan

Back to Work ...

Cracking Rehab Jokes

8/2/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan can take a joke -- even when she's the butt of it ... and she wasted no time teeing off on her latest rehab stint while guest hosting "Chelsea Lately."

Linds just wrapped her first gig since getting out of rehab on Tuesday -- and sources inside the show tell us she freely cracked jokes like, "I've been on a 90-day court ordered vacation."

In LiLo's defense ... she probably didn't write the jokes.

We're told Lindsay also busted on Chelsea Handler for drinking too much -- and overall was "very funny" ... especially during the round table segment with comedians Jen Kirkman and Fortune Feimster.

Linds also got some eye candy for her troubles -- getting to interview Dylan Bruce from the BBC show "Orphan Black."

0801_dylan_orphanblack_bbcDon't say Chelsea never did anything for you, Lindsay.

The taped episode is scheduled to air Monday.


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Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

She needs a wholesome playing Carol Brady.

411 days ago


The Carol Brady who was screwing her closet gay husband s son behind his back why her older daughter was playing patty cake with the director so she could score some the mean time the younger kiddies are playing house with each other in the makeup trailer......HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sounds like a good one except Florence Henderson has do it and do it up good already......LOL
and to the reviewer who gave the Canyons one and 1/2 stars.......It was one star to many !!!! a total waste of Kick Start funds know since Kick Start was started for help new and inexperienced people get a "kick start" to their business show.....tell me how in the hell did Paul Spreader a man who's been a professional for 30 yrs even qualify to get some.. ? ....because he had Lohan Inc and the master grafter Micheal Lohan to show him how to Con people out of money thats how......

411 days ago

Suzy Q     


Dont' know if this has been posted yet, but Perez has a clip from the Chelsea show on his site.

Lindsay stumbles over her reading of cards IN HER HAND, is talking a mile a minute, and is obviously very uncomfortable, as her head is down and her shoulders up.

She knows she's a fraud.

If the link gets scrambled by TMZ, just go to his site.

411 days ago

Chief Gall    

LOL!!!! A quick jump in cyberspace and within a few seconds found more positivity about Lindsay. Here's one paragraph. I'll stop annoying you now.

If you've followed Lohan's career for any length of time, then you already know that she was once one of Hollywood's most promising young actresses before her life and career took a few detours. The good news is that The Canyons is a reminder of that potential even if she doesn't particularly live into it fully. In fact, there's a wall between Lohan and the audience in this film and it's a wall that isn't helped at all by a jarring lack of chemistry with Deen and Funk. It's almost as if Lohan isn't quite sure she wants to be here, though out of fairness to her that's actually a great approach for this constantly disjointed character. There are moments, however, in this film where you can see the gifted actress Lohan is come to life and you can't help but wish someone would cast her in something that doesn't exploit the exploitational quality of her current life and story.
gone, gone, gone>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

411 days ago


Is it just me or did anyone smell a whiff of Adderall in the velocity of her speech? Every time Lohan is on Adderall her speech pattern goes to speed of light. Considering how she's gained weight - I'm sure someone has slipped her the old Addy already - behind the sober coach's back. Because that's how Lohan rolls.

411 days ago


PEPE! I stumbled across a photo of Linds on the crapper while I was looking for info about Linds taking a crap sans crapper, lol. I don't know if you've seen it or not, so I posted it on the last DLISTED Lilo post. Here is the link:

411 days ago


Can someone please ask Blo if she can spare an Addy for me? Had a crap nights sleep and need to get my (quick) on to seize the day!!!

411 days ago


Check out 'Beezid Bee's' latest tweet. Its a LULU!!

411 days ago


LOLOLOL ok I admit I went and looked at those nude boob pictures they leaked to the internet.......and the honest true is I used to shower in a open show bay with about 60 other woman and let me say almost every one of those girls had better looking figures and boobs then she does ......She has No ass...and almost no waist line and two cantaloupes hanging in lose sacks off her chest. with those sown on replacement nipples are not real...what happen they accidentally cut her real ones off and had to make new ones...I guarantee you she would never nurse a child out of those.....!
And this is what all the men want....??? hell tie to flesh colored net bags with cantoloupes inside and hang them on a pretty boy and he would l look like this......but make sure the boy is sucking in his little round belly.......I swear I don't know about men today they think skinny stick figure woman is wonderful and boy shaped woman are glamorous and I will heave if one more person compares this figure to Marilyn Monroe's...Marilyn had curves and boobs and a ass ....LOLOLOLOLOL

411 days ago


Don't miss Tater's clear nipples and sex scene

411 days ago


Everybody callin it a night. . . .?

411 days ago


Couldn't post this on my phone. We lost CBS and KCAL tonight. What if there's a car chase? What will I do?

411 days ago


Still with the TDs. WTF?

411 days ago


Do you think that we should start a concerted campaign to try to "persuade" Harvey to change to disqus?

411 days ago


Any1 in 4 some pizza ? lol
I got a large with extra sauce & extra cheese on all of it & 1/2 pepperoni mushrooms green peppers & onions + garlic dipping sauce . Mmmmm Dig in !!! :)

411 days ago
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