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Lindsay Lohan

Back to Work ...

Cracking Rehab Jokes

8/2/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan can take a joke -- even when she's the butt of it ... and she wasted no time teeing off on her latest rehab stint while guest hosting "Chelsea Lately."

Linds just wrapped her first gig since getting out of rehab on Tuesday -- and sources inside the show tell us she freely cracked jokes like, "I've been on a 90-day court ordered vacation."

In LiLo's defense ... she probably didn't write the jokes.

We're told Lindsay also busted on Chelsea Handler for drinking too much -- and overall was "very funny" ... especially during the round table segment with comedians Jen Kirkman and Fortune Feimster.

Linds also got some eye candy for her troubles -- getting to interview Dylan Bruce from the BBC show "Orphan Black."

0801_dylan_orphanblack_bbcDon't say Chelsea never did anything for you, Lindsay.

The taped episode is scheduled to air Monday.


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Shows how much she takes the rehab seriously that she sees it as a 'vacation' and she might not have wrote the 'funny' joke but its come out her own mouth before that rehab is a vacation to her. She will never changed. I can't believe people always buy into her lies and think just because shes come out of rehab looking a bit better than before that shes changed. Shes probably high as a kite right now somewhere. She'll just keep it low key now all the partying and drugging and continue to act like shes a changed woman. If Lohan was really serious about staying clean and being healthy she would quit being in the public eye and move away somewhere where she could live a normal life.

448 days ago


This is what really bothers me about her. The fact that she is just a day out of rehab and already cracking jokes about it is tasteless and trashy. It shows how serious she is about all this and its clear she isn't serious at all. There is nothing funny about being a low life junkie repeat criminal offender. She makes fun the fact that she is a criminal in everything she does anymore - Scary movie, Anger Management, its literally all she has going for her. It would be one thing if she was a few years sober and had a career but this is just desperate and pathetic.

448 days ago


It's a taped 1/2 hour cable show that will be edited. After commercials maybe 20 -22 minutes. Lohan couldn't screw that up. Then again.

448 days ago


Oh GOODY, she completed it, so its for sure a go on Monday. Can't wait for the MAJOR FAIL!!

448 days ago


Don't you know is just KILLING that evil little LUMP to not post at this story.

448 days ago


Lindsay lied to cops. Lindsay tried to get her assistant to also lie to cops. She wasn't in rehab because she can tell a joke.
Geezum Pete tmz. This site SUCKS.

448 days ago


I keep missing Regi for the last two days. WHERE is that girl . . .?

448 days ago


Orphan Black is Canadian. It;s not a BBC show.

448 days ago


Strike 1! Strike 2! Strike 3! Strike 4! Strike 5!
Strike 6! Strike 7! Strike 8!................

"Ha ha ha".

448 days ago


When Lohan bombed so bad on SNL Live TV she pushed for, she blamed it on the writers, it was the writers fault that she bombed. Forget about all her boasting and bragging on how she's fair game. Lohan had her lawyers approving the skits. So much for fair game.

Lohan was so bad they got some ratings.

448 days ago


The fact she is making jokes 1 day aftrr release means she obviousoy does not take her sobriety seriously, nothings funny about addiction

448 days ago


Like they're going to say she wasn't funny when it still has to air on next Monday.... Notice they picked two of their best improvisers for the panel so they can carry her.
The whole thing just seems so wrong, and not only because her jokes about rehab and court sound so flat and forced and inappropriate. She was sentenced to 90 days lockdown rehab, having nearly killed herself and the guy she tried to pin the driving on and violating probation for theft, she obviously has serious problems because the judge just tripled her therapy sentence. And she's still on probation with a stiff community service sentence. And yet they all thought it was a splendid idea to have her guest host this show right after release from rehab?!? Does she have anybody sane advising her? Obviously the show was anxious to get it in the can before she had a chance to get drunk.

448 days ago


Flea I think the evil LUMP dramatically announced due to haters, and I correcting her here, that's H8turds you idiot, she will no longer post at tmz. Bwhahahahaha!!

448 days ago

Chief Gall    

quick annoy in.......
Thursday, Aug 1, 2013 07:05 PM EST
Pick of the week: Lindsay Lohan in “The Canyons”
Pick of the week: No, I'm not kidding. Paul Schrader's "The Canyons" is flawed and cold, but Lohan's amazing
By Andrew O'Hehir
It was brave of Lohan to expose herself the way she does in “The Canyons,” and I’m not talking about the nudity, which is no big deal. I suppose when you’ve been vilified and tabloid-moralized as much as she has, a little more doesn’t matter. Schrader has made it clear that she was a major pain in the ass to work with, often showing up late or not showing up at all. (She’s reportedly been in and out of rehab at least once since finishing the picture.) But he also said he’d work with Lohan again in a heartbeat, and that she still has a long career ahead of her if she can shake her reputation. Anyway, he added, a director can shoot around bad behavior, but not around a lack of charisma – and whether you view what she does in this movie as great acting or a public meltdown, it’s riveting.
I just casually googled and found yet ANOTHER good review of the movie AND Lindsay's acting. Even some of the reviews trashing the movie are saying Lindsay is not bad and even damn good. I knew it would be mixed. I mean Lindsay has above average talent. Of course, you can't see that if you're a brain-dead, psycho hater. Poor things.
The CL audience will love Lindsay!!!!! And irrelevant haters will be angry, per usual.
MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!!!!
quick annoy out.......................

448 days ago


Reg, Madi was at rol, told her your here. Can you do radar yet?

448 days ago
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