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Riley Cooper

Leaves Philadelphia Eagles

After N-Word Threat

8/2/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Philadelphia Eagles
wide receiver Riley Cooper needs some serious n-word counseling ... so much so he's taken a leave from the team.

A rep for the Eagles was blunt and to the point: "Riley Cooper will be seeking counseling and we have excused him from all team activities."

The rep says Riley needs to understand how his racist threats -- to fight every n***er at the Kenny Chesney concert -- are hurtful.

The team is hedging over whether Cooper will be welcome back.

For his part, Riley says, "The organization and my teammates have been extremely supportive, but I also realize that there are people who will have a tough time forgiving me for what I’ve done. The best thing for me, and for the team, is to step away for a period of time."

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No Avatar

Real n the field    

i am really getting tired of commenting on stupid thing white folks do.

First off, who created the damn word?? White folk
who brought blacks to america?? Spanish, jew, and white folk.

RACIST WHITES called slaves this name a thousand times a day for 400 plus years without any repercussions what so ever, and now fast forward to 2013, and KARMA has caught up with you racist vile hateful people, and you complaining and mad cause you cant say it anymore...BOO HOO.
all you've done is taught every other culture of the world your ignorance and malice form of thinking.
Your days of WHITE supremacy is coming to an end.
in lest than 20 years, the latinos and chinese will over populate this country beyond your widest dream.
You've tried for so long to pin blacks as a threat to america, communist, and always profiling blacks, all the while the real threat has infiltrated your country and caused collateral damage..and they WASN'T BLACK! tisk tisk..
WHITE RACIST are so damn ungrateful its beyond mental comprehension!!
When you meet your creator,(jALMIGHTY GOD) and not who you worship (SATAN) your gonna have HELL to pay..because you will reap what you have sowed, and according to secular history, your in alot of trouble with GOD!!

in closing, when blacks use the word, it not ****** (thats what racist people say to blacks to hurt them) some blacks (not all) call each other " ***** in reference of communicating and greeting
one another.
So yes WHITES can say " Whats up my NiG" but one must have MAD street Cred, Swag, and a ghetto Passport to get away with it..
If your a corny white person, i advice you not to try it.

IF you say "******" in a hateful way, then its malice, and say it just as this coward football player did it, in the company of his "white" friends..
have a nice day everybody.

412 days ago


instead of condemning him, why don't you educate him....and for those throwing stones...lead by example

412 days ago


I am a black male and I think that he is really sorry for what he did. I think he knows it was SPEECH WITHOUT A BENEFIT OF THOUGHT, even though he may have said how he really feels. We as people of all races should not use or think about that word. Its signals hate and no one should use it regardless if you are describing your friend or just be malicious. Even though it seems Riley was intending to be malicious because he was mad, I think he just didn't think right. But what I don't like is when people making these claims, blame it on alcohol? Let’s come together for one another and love. I know it’s hard to do but at least for our children for the future. Let’s educate them.

412 days ago


I would like to riley walk down a South Philly yelling "I going to kick some n*ggers asses."

412 days ago


This country is going to hell in a handbag. I totally blame this one on our so called president who feeds off the theory of divide and conquer. This whole n word controversy is nonsense. I truly believe that. Obama has purposely made racial divide worse in this country. He has done nothing to uplift the black community. I am sick of hearing about Travyvon Martin and Obama and Holder should have kept their trap shut!! But ofcourse that was perfect timing to deflect from the several cluster f's he has bestowed on this country. All these so called celebrities that are called for a boycott on Florida..congratulations... I to notice and now have a complete list of idiots who I will now boycott! Stop embarrassing yourselves with your "oohhhh..black people suppressed" whiny crap....no one is buying it and hopefully will follow suit with choosing alternative music downloads and movies. As for this guy...dumb move on his part...but guess what? So what! Yes it was a dumb thing to say...apologize and move on...no...now we destroy careers and enter therapy for a year!! Give me a break! Yet we give killers, druggies and rapist a pass. Ha...what a joke!

412 days ago


Kill dogs and you get millions of dollars. Say something that's not politically correct and lose your career.

412 days ago


When a dummy try and blame Obama for pple saying the n-word please go hang yourself

412 days ago


This is horse****. Everyone says it on both sides here and there. The only difference is a camera was there when he said it. Blacks don't say it? Horse****.

412 days ago


This totally nukes the fridge. This guy is NOT a racist. Everyone who made some team sports knows what kind of words are used. The whole campaign against him is a PR stunt to stage a hygienic world of sports which does not exist.

412 days ago


what a dumbass quit his job for saying ******. And i can care less if ******s call each other ******s that's what they are. I am going to cracker open me a beer , glad that the government pays none of my bills because I am over the age of 10.

412 days ago


Ass. Feel no pity or sympathy.

412 days ago


Attn: Racist people- This is more about representing an organization than it is about race. He represents the Eagles and they can't have some racist bigot representing them in the wrong light in PUBLIC. If he used disparaging remarks about gays or Jews the same thing would have happened. Stop making everything black vs white on here.

412 days ago


First of all. What the the hell was black people doin at a kenny chesney concert?! Lol... Thats redneck palooza... It's like a straight guy going to a gay bar and getting mad cuz you got hit on. Lol

412 days ago


What the **** happened to freedom of speech?
It doesn't apply to white men eh?

412 days ago


This is such a Bull **** issue. Songs like "Ain't Worried About Nothin" get released any played on the air. But this guy says the N word once and all the black folk are acting like only white people use it.

Some people need to start worrying about themselves, and not what some football player said at a red neck convention.

412 days ago
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