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Riley Cooper's Grandma

He Made His Racist Bed

... He's Gotta Sleep In It

8/3/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

N-word hurling Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper isn't getting any sympathy from his own grandma -- who tells TMZ, Cooper screwed up big time ... and it's his mess to clean up.

Riley's Grandma Betty didn't make excuses when we spoke to her ... saying, "[Riley] brought it upon himself and he has to deal with the consequences."

As we reported, Cooper has already taken leave from the Eagles to pursue counseling after his n-word threat at a recent Kenny Chesney concert -- when he said he would fight "every n***er" at the show.

Grandma says Riley was raised in a good household that never condoned racism of any kind -- so she's surprised by his behavior, especially because she says he's never gotten into any kind of trouble before.

That said, Grandma Betty is optimistic about Riley's future, telling us it's good he's nipping this problem in the bud now before it gets any worse.

Granny B, everybody!

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Having to go to counseling for saying the n-word? That's ridiculous. How about just telling him, "Stop saying it." If every white person, famous or not, who says that word had to go to counseling, the counselors would make A LOT of money.

447 days ago


his grandma is probably Paula Deen

447 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

As a black man, Im going to upset ALOT of fellow Africans living in America but, I feel bad for dude. His words were wrong, he should be dealt with but, we need to forgive this human! WHY? For years we have had issues like this, it use to be closeted and kept behind closed doors if some were racist. My point, whats the difference between a racist regardless of color we know is, and we dont know is racist? This guy I cant say just because he said the n word is a bigot, in anger I call people out of name ALOT! Called woman bitches and in anger said it only to say sorry later, I went to far. Yes, the n word is another story but, as a black man how do we get to a place were race doesnt matter if we dont support this man and Paula Dean? We have to be the race that says no more, embrace this dude so one day race relations improve, will not happen overnight but, this could be a step in the right direction. We ALL make bad decisions, not many racist look sorry like Riley or keep saying sorry, they brush it of. He made a bad error in words used but, I as a black man, know racist and Riley Cooper isnt one ironically after saying the N Word, his anger spoke for him and he used a word out of PURE ANGER that clearly he wishes he can take back, if he were a bigot, his family wouldnt be so shocked and his grandma wouldnt be saying,"he has to deal with what he did" Racist dont do that. Lets not give him a pass black people, lets show those who really see us as n wirds that we LOVE and care for them regardless of the venom spewed at us and this guy Riley isnt one of them black people, he just made a HUGE bad decision, forgive him. Losing his career whouldnt happen for using the n word, hes to young not to be forgiven and he would love us more and change for the better if forgiven after what he said. Lets be a positive example of black people and give Riley LOVE, thats the measure of who you are, when things are going bad, how do you react, not when its good. Lets react like kind loving, human beings! LOVE, fellow human born black!

447 days ago


Im sick and tired of everyone being appalled at white people saying the N word....are you kidding me? Its a horrible word, yet the black folk use it constantly in their music, and their conversations....its either anyone can use it, or no one can...no one has the right to judge another while using it themselves using the excuse, oh im black, im allowed to use it...hypocrites...uneducated idiots....

447 days ago



447 days ago


cry babies, get all mad when white people use a word you call each other on a daily basis, make money off the word when used in rap songs but OH NO a white person said a word we somehow like to glorify now..

447 days ago


Word Police....
People should lose a career they toiled at for Years because of saying a word? Unreal.
You hear that word all the time in the locker room, on the street by blacks constantly, yet this guy says it and he should lose it all??
Seattle wants to 'ban' the word "Citizen" amongst others??
Freedom of Speech?
Political correctness run amok.

446 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The question someone should be asking here is... How man black mofo's attended the Kenny Chesney concert because that would really help in his defense... lol

446 days ago


Here goes white people - Look , it doesn't matter if blacks use the N word or not , it will never be okay for a white person to use it ..Use it , and you'll continue to suffer the consequences ..PERIOD .. And the consequences , shocking enough , will come from your fellow whites ..lol

446 days ago


I believe that J.A. Adande had it all right on Sports Center!!!!! Listen and Learn from what he said!!!

446 days ago


So TMZ, and all the other left wing speech police are going to destroy him they way your did Paula Deen? Or is the fact that Cooper a Democrat means he will be forgiven?

446 days ago

Kortnee J    

No one ever said white people can't use the word, I mean it's because of the whites that the word is so distasteful now. But it's your mouth, say whatever you'd like- freedom of speech right? However, be prepared for whatever consequence you may face. Rushed to the hospital, lose your job, whatever. Since you guys are just dying to use the word, and think it's ok to use it. The N word is an opprobrious word used by whites to impose contempt upon blacks, and I don't think it's ok for anyone to use. Just because black people say it, doesn't make it ok for you to say it. Black people do a lot of things that's not ok, white people do a lot of things that's not ok. You as an adult, no matter the color of you skin, should know right from wrong.. At the end of the day, it's a form of racism, blacks make up this world just as whites, and blacks shouldn't have to support or see someone in the public eye who think so poorly of them.

446 days ago


Riley Cooper's grandma is my kind of girl. She is giving him the same kind of advice I would give my grandson who is 21 years old. If you messed up, man up and take the consequences..... I am a black grandma but we are all more alike than different!

446 days ago


Well , Grandma's have a way of telling you what you don't wanna hear ..lol

446 days ago


I'd like to shoot a load on his face

446 days ago
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