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Simon Cowell

He'll Pay Dearly

For Love Child

8/3/2013 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friend Simon Cowell betrayed wants out of his marriage STAT ... because he thinks his wife is a starf**ker who doesn't need any money from him because she'll get a ton of cash from Simon ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say Andrew Silverman is gunning for primary custody of their 7-year-old son because Lauren is deficient as a parent ... often disappearing for long periods of time to hang with celebs.  We're told Andrew found out of her affair with Simon this Spring, and was shocked when he saw a pic on TMZ Friday ... showing Simon and Lauren kissing in August, 2012, on a boat HE chartered.

We're told there is a prenup and the money issues in the divorce are "minor."  The real issue is custody.  As one source said, aside from the fact that Andrew doesn't think Lauren is a very good parent, there's an element of revenge for being utterly humiliated.

We're told all 3 people in the relationship want the divorce to happen ASAP.  Simon feels it's a disaster for his TV show and public image.  As for Lauren and Andrew, they both agree on one thing ... Simon pays well.  They both expect Simon will do what he's done with his other girlfriends -- open up the vault.


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I'm not sure custody is going to be an issue. Having your baby in the house is one thing, but somehow I just can't see Cowell being thrilled at having a 7 year old boy running around the house - a house that's 3000 miles away from the boy's dad. I think his father will be the custodial parent, and mom will pack up her bags and move to Beverly. Hills, that is. Movie stars. Swimming pools....

411 days ago


**Public Service Announcement for Wealthy Middle Aged White Men** :

If your wife/partner is drop dead gorgeous(waaay out of your league), and you have nothing visually (or intellectually) to offer- then she's with you because she's Your whore. Not A whore, but You're whore. You pay her to find you desirable, and that's ok if you're into that kind of thing. However, for a woman with a proclivity towards using her looks to acquire wealth there's no telling when she'll move on to more lucrative ventures.

So- Andrew Silverman is dumb for being involved with the whore(if his intention was to have genuine relationship), and for being so dumbfounded about what was going on.

Works for Simon Cowell though. He seems to be into the Sugar Daddy thing.

411 days ago


Hey TMZ, your pics are always excellent photoshopdisaster candidates

411 days ago


Ha ha! This "mom" is going to have another kid to shove off on someone while she travels the world? Isn't her 7 y/old in "camp" in the Hamptons which she just ran away to? Nice.

411 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Since Simon Cowell is British, the UK press has had a field day crucifying him. TMZ, which will suck the cocque of any celebrity that could get them some cash is actually being nice. Here's a taste of the British Press:

411 days ago


Look at's all about the money. I haven't heard Simon will raise the's Simon will pay, pay, pay...And that's exactly what he will do. He will buy a house and pay child support and see the child maybe once a month. The other times, he's parading with all his ex-girlfriends on a boat cruise in Bahamas.

411 days ago


I cant stop laughing at the "Simon thinks it's a disaster for his TV show and public image" comment! What a hoot! His t.v. show sucks, and people can't stand him anyway. What public image? His image is that of an arrogant ass that cares about nobody but himself, and he proved that by having an affair with his best friends' wife.

411 days ago


I think she kind of looks like OctoMom in that photo.

411 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Simon sez - Can I spend some time with your wife
Simon sez - Oh honey can you drop your knickers
Simon sez - Oh baby
Simon sez - Ooops
Simon sez - I like being a daddy
Simon sez - Never liked Andrew anyways
Simon sez - My kid will never want for anything
Lauren sez - Oh my I hit the mother load

411 days ago


I think Simon paid him to get some tussy from his Wife. You can't tell me from looking at those pictures on the yacht, that he didnt know Simon was f**cking his Wife, and he wasnt in on it. The great Philosopher Bob Marley, "you can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool all the people all the time". He didnt thing he would knock her up though.

Anyway, a hoe is a hoe is a hoe. Don't know who said that

411 days ago



Lauren Silverman was tricked into flying to Riyadh by her husband, Andrew and A$$hole of the Decade Simon Cowell, because she was told she will be The Star of Housewives of Riyadh, Producer and Director with an unlimited budget! With a suitcase full of cash, she hopped aboard the Private Gulf Stream.

Unfortunately, the Gold $ucking Sloot Lauren was unaware that she will be a Star, but in an entirely different production, The Stoning of The Sloot, or This Cnut Deserves It or Fidelity For Infidels; the name has not been finalized.

After a private meeting Andrew and Simon decided that Lauren was a nightmare and they only wanted to support part of her dreams/delusions. They joint financed what they call The Final Solution.

They jointly released this statement “Bro’s before Ho’s! We are very happy to be Besties again!”

411 days ago


"Revenge" is not a good reason to go after sole custody. You have to think about your child/ren first. Unless she's unfit they should have joint custody.

411 days ago


Simon was, is and always will be a douche.

411 days ago


This woman is a pig

411 days ago


Of course he'll pay dearly. That was the whole purpose of her putting out for him. It's so much easier than having to worry about a divorce settlement. I'd also bet Simon wasn't the first potential sperm donor that made a deposit in the bank.

411 days ago
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