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Simon Cowell

He'll Pay Dearly

For Love Child

8/3/2013 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The friend Simon Cowell betrayed wants out of his marriage STAT ... because he thinks his wife is a starf**ker who doesn't need any money from him because she'll get a ton of cash from Simon ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

Our sources say Andrew Silverman is gunning for primary custody of their 7-year-old son because Lauren is deficient as a parent ... often disappearing for long periods of time to hang with celebs.  We're told Andrew found out of her affair with Simon this Spring, and was shocked when he saw a pic on TMZ Friday ... showing Simon and Lauren kissing in August, 2012, on a boat HE chartered.

We're told there is a prenup and the money issues in the divorce are "minor."  The real issue is custody.  As one source said, aside from the fact that Andrew doesn't think Lauren is a very good parent, there's an element of revenge for being utterly humiliated.

We're told all 3 people in the relationship want the divorce to happen ASAP.  Simon feels it's a disaster for his TV show and public image.  As for Lauren and Andrew, they both agree on one thing ... Simon pays well.  They both expect Simon will do what he's done with his other girlfriends -- open up the vault.


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then simon can giver her that tv show she wants "american skank" or "hoe factor"

449 days ago

r stevens    

Well DUH!

449 days ago


It's sad when a newborn baby is treated like a bargaining chip between feuding rich idiots.

449 days ago


Simon looks like a creepy hermaphrodite.

449 days ago


Simon Cowell is an aggrogant jerk. Andrew Silverman should wipe that stupid smirk off his face. Simon deserves a slap to the side of the head, a punch in the nose and a kick in the ass for knocken up his good friend's wife. What a piece of sh*t. he truly is. At 53 yrs. old he should know better than to have sloppy sex with a married woman. Maybe Simon will finally neuter himself after this fiasco.

449 days ago


Time for Cowell to go home....

449 days ago



449 days ago


Doesn't Simon know any woman richer than him and open her vault?

449 days ago


There is no doubt that Simon will be a good Dad and a good provider. This temporary bad press will soon die down and he can go on with his life as it will definitely not affect his career. Simon fan.

449 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

does she have a bandaid on her right breast and it looks like a bruise

449 days ago

Loretta Love    

Simon is VERY generous and the entire clan will be just fine....
not that I condone or condemn what happened- I wasn't there, so I don't know~

449 days ago

South Beach    

This news wouldn't be out unless Cowell wanted it out. Why? Who knows. Mom isn't going to lose custody and no one is going to jail. Willing to bet there's some serious dirt in Andrews closet. The plot thickens...

449 days ago


That smug look he has suggests he doesn't give one flying f*ck what I think, what you think , what anyone thinks.

He saw a chick that looks pretty much like his other two GFs and he decided to go for it.

I can't have respect for this ego maniac.

449 days ago


That's going to be the most expensive piece of ass he's ever had.

449 days ago


A smart man would wait until he made Simon squirm in the deposition on tape. How many women have you Has sex with in the past year? 6 mos? Were you ever sexual w Mrs. Silverman while vacationig with Mr. Silverman? How much cocaine, alcohol, HGH, prescription pills, marijuana, and other drugs to you ingest nightly? Were you engaged in intimate sexual relations with other women whilst also engaging in a sexual relationship w Mrs. Silverman?Make him turn over ALL texts and emails from any and all accounts and numbers he has used for the past 3 years. I think that that Simon would be destroyed as would Mrs. Silverman. Let alone how sh would feel to know that she is just one in a long and constant parade. Nothing special. And does anyone else think she looks waaaay further than 10 weeks along?

449 days ago
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