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Lindsay Lohan

I Never Want to See

A Bottle of Booze Again

8/4/2013 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
is fiercely determined to live alcohol free -- and toward that end she's ridding herself of ALL traces of booze ... everywhere she goes.

Lindsay vows to stay clear of the hard stuff and not just in her home.  We're told she will make demands that hotel rooms, dressing rooms ... even mama Dina's home is alcohol free when she's present.  Good luck on that third one.

Fact is ... so far so good.  Lindsay checked in to the Bev Hills Hotel this week and ordered the staff to remove alcohol from her room prior to her arrival.

Lindsay says she'll travel with a sober coach for at least the next week, to make sure she doesn't succumb to temptation.  Ditto when she guest hosted "Chelsea Lately" ... she insisted her dressing room be stocked ONLY with non-alcoholic drinks.

To be clear ... we're not vouching for her in the long run.  It's strictly one day at a time.



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Show of hands here, HOW many of you have uttered those very same words, "I never want to see another bottle of booze again" .......until the hangover goes away. No difference here. These are just words to The LoHag.

411 days ago


Good for her, she's making the first step. This is why people fall back into addiction, because they have no support. She's a human being just like everyone else and we all have our short comings. I pray she stays sober and turns her life around.

411 days ago


Who the hell is Lohan to demand and order. This is Lohan still trying to appear like she's relevant. Lohan is not relevant in any shape, way or form.

Wow. Lohan demands this and orders that. Guessing when everyone is finished from bending over in laughter and done laughing their butts off, they will start to 'shake in their shoes'. She's a pathetic joke.

Her I'm Lindsay Lohan god's gift to Hollywood, rotten attitude hasn't changed one bit.

411 days ago


Is this anything like;

"I wlll never see the inside of a courtroom again. " - 2011

"I will never go clubbing again." -2010

"I have gotten rid of all of yhe toxic hanger-ons who led me astray."-2011

& when Blo still had a home:

"There is never any alcohol in my house."

411 days ago


I believe in you Lindsay. I've got 30 days sober now as of yesterday. I'm just over the day afters maths of these binges that were getting pretty deadly and haven't thought about a drop. Well maybe a couple times. lol, but good for you and hope you focusing back your career and that can be your new addiction. Ive been working out a lot and going to agape which is a real positive place of hope and love, you should try it. it might work for you, but you probably don't read this ****. On another note, shut all these haters up and put them all in their place. I believe thats the path you're on and I'm rooting for you!!!!!!!! Good luck, Justin

411 days ago


the teenager in me wish she'll make her come back, even though she has fully exhausted the public hope over the years.

411 days ago

Larry Fyne    

Wonder what the betting line in Vegas is on this happening?

411 days ago


She also ordered the hotel staff to remove the little soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and toilet paper. However, she left strict instructions to leave all mirrored surfaces intact.

411 days ago


THAAAAAAAT'S fabulous. NOW, what are we doing about the PILLS???? Still flinging poo I see.

411 days ago


If Linds is not drinking, what's with the pallet of champagne glasses she "ordered" delivered to her penthouse?

411 days ago


What about the adderall?

411 days ago


Just remembered one of my all time fav Blo moments:

David Letterman to Blo: "Do you steal things?"
(he asked twice, and of course she never answered.

That, and the picture above.

411 days ago


@flea, post139. CanNOT get this to reply to post. Six fvcking tries. So trying new comment to see if that works. Tmz come on. Wtf.

In my twenties I said that more than once BUT I never missed work--two jobs, single mom--and I never missed cooking, bathing, laundry--at laundromat--keeping a clean home, and loving my babies. Lindsay drinks and that's all she seems capable of. And is she going to AA everyday? ALL the people I have known in my life that have done rehab, and not a country club and none could afford 90 days--but after rehab ALL did AA every single day for months and still had to go to work and live their lives I might add. This sober-coach-hide-the-booze thing is EXTERNAL, until this comes from inside Lindsay, this is BS to convince the movie/TV world that Lindsay is on the road to recovery.

411 days ago


So she never wants to "See" a bottle of booze again?
Is she going to wear a blindfold for the rest of her life"
That's like me saying that I am never eating chocolate again, Aint gonna happen!!!!!!

411 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan is fiercely determined to live alcohol free -- and toward that end she's ridding herself of ALL traces of booze ... everywhere she goes."

Is she going to demand the night clubs she frequents get rid of all their booze too. . .?

411 days ago
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