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'MasterChef' Finalist Josh Marks

I Suffer from Mental Illness

8/5/2013 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Before Josh Marks was arrested for allegedly attacking a campus police officer, the former "MasterChef" finalist revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder ... TMZ has learned. 

Back in February, Josh recorded a video for the "Make a Sound Project" -- an organization dedicated to helping people struggling with suicidal thoughts -- in which he talks about his mental illness.

"Me personally, I have bipolar disorder," Marks said ... "I get a little anxious sometimes, and you know how I cool out is I listen to music ... and just listen to the words and just relax, you know, find my melody."

Sources connected to Marks tell TMZ ... the chef may have been in a manic state associated with bipolar disorder during his encounter with police last week.

One source tells us, "He may not have even understood that the group of people approaching him were in fact police."

Marks has been charged with aggravated battery on a peace officer and attempting to disarm a peace officer stemming from the incident. If convicted, he faces a max of 14 years in prison.

We're told ... Josh's Chicago lawyer, Bart Beals, is gunning to have the case thrown out for lack of probable cause.

As one source puts it -- "The Josh that you read about in reports last week is not the Gentle Giant that we know, and we now know for certain that bipolar disorder symptoms were involved."


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i believe he's bipolar. so often people who are manic or psychotic will trespass because they dont understand where they are. thats why a lot of people with MI end up in jail. However, I agree that MI cant be diagnosed so quickly and that bi polar disorder is often way overdiagnosed. But if this guy was previously dx'd with bipolar then id believe that. and he is probably not on meds. Re: Comment about Jeffrey Dahmer. He did not have mental illness. Just because you do bad things doesnt make you have an MI. In fact, most people who have MI are not violent. Also, a lot of people DO have mental illness cause I work with them all the time. There are way more than you would think. ALSO: To whoever said that said his manic symptoms seem worse than most people who are bipolar: Manic bipolar symptoms can be extremely severe to the point where the people look or are psychotic. Mania is not just having some extra energy and thinking you have special powers. It is very disturbing to watch,

443 days ago

Katie Perry's Mini Bar Snatch    

Go sell that somewhere else... I've known some bipolar people and that is not how they act. Either he has some other mental illness or he was on drugs and is using mental illness as a cover.

443 days ago


you have a funnel nose.

443 days ago

BB not bb    

If he wants to be taken seriously as crazy, he needs to look crazy and talk crazy like Amanda Bynes. He needs buy crazy looking wigs and talk about the plastic surgery to be a rap star and tell random people that they are ugly in person and via twitter. Then people will send their condolences and wish him well after being hospitalized.

He just got in a scuffle with cops. This is more common on TMZ. He needs to add more pizazz to make the crazy train.

443 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'm bipolar, the extent of my symptoms are I may like you one day and dislike you the next. I don't beat up on cops.

443 days ago


Hang in there and get the help you need,

443 days ago


Keep your head held high Josh, and get the help that you need. If you were diagnosed with Cancer the sympathy would be pouring out, and no one would say diddly boo squat. But struggle with a mental illness, and suddenly a ton of arm chair pseudo-physicians and neuropsychiatrists come out hiding from behind their computers with their idiot commentary, pretending to know you, your diagnosis, and your journey. Ignore these individuals and stay connected to those who love and care about you. Know that there are sensible people who wish nothing but the best for you, and your recovery. You were a class act on Master Chef. There is a Maya Angelou saying,,,"This too shall pass". And it will. Stay strong Josh. Stay strong.

443 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Readers must really like this guy because they seem awfully willing to forgive him and buy his story. So be it.

443 days ago


I'm severely bipolar and something like this would never happen to me no matter how manic I was because it's not in my personality.
The only way I would give him a pass would be if he were truly delusional, but if he was that bad he would have been committed and still been in.

443 days ago


God bless him. I hope he can get the help that he needs.

443 days ago


Sending Love & Light to Josh. I'm bipolar, too. It's amazing how many people just don't understand.

442 days ago
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