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Justin Bieber's Crew

Under Investigation

In Nightclub Beatdown

8/5/2013 6:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Justin Bieber's entourage is under investigation for a brutal fight that left a nightclub patron sprawled out in the parking lot and injured badly enough to be taken to a hospital.

The incident occurred outside South Pointe nightclub in Southampton on Sunday at around 3 AM.  Bieber had arrived an hour earlier and inside the club we're told the booze was flowing in the VIP area. 

A girl inside the club tried to speak to Justin but was denied.  She came back with a guy -- the alleged victim -- who apparently had beef with the situation and at that point Justin went nuts, pulling off his shirt and screaming at the dude. 

Justin and crew left the club but in the parking lot things flared up again.  Justin -- who was in his SUV -- jumped through the sunroof onto the hood.  At that point it's unclear what happened, but the alleged victim was knocked out on the cement.

According to cops, Justin's people apparently went after the guy, although we're told the alleged victim was aggressive as well.

An investigation is underway after the alleged victim filed a police report.  Justin is not the target of the investigation -- it's his crew.

Another night out.



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As much as I would love to blame Justine on this, those are grown ass men that are putting their future at risk by allowing this little twerp to give them "unlawful" orders. He throws his little tantrums and incites arguments, and they get physical with people that will end up suing them....and they deserve it! JB doesn't care about them, and they evidently don't have the intelligence to know what they're doing is wrong. JB doesn't control the amount of force they use either. So, in the end, Justine is a angry little girl, and they are grown men that are too STUPID to realize they are being USED by this little punk! They deserve whatever the get!

423 days ago


More Media guessing games and BS! Gotta take all this B$hit like a grain of salt. At the very least high profilers like Selena, Taylor, Miley, Rihanna, Justin, Chris, and so on, will always be bffs. They have empathy and respect for each other. They get it. If they are bffs w benefits, great. Choose your own path and let others' choose theirs. Forget the Haters, the B$hit and MYOB.

423 days ago


It seems stupidity both precedes and follows Mr. Bieber. What a moron.

423 days ago


Q1: is the club an over 21 club?
Q2: was it monitored if he was drinking alcohol?
Q3: did he beat it up the guy or his "crew" did?
Q4: would he have done what he did if he didnt have his "crew" with him?
and finally not a question but a statement
i'm a girl, but if he acted sideways in front of me or in any way, shape or form, acted a douche, i would and could knock him out...he is just acting like a "bad ass" because of his posse of lil leeches and PAID bodyguards. if he didnt have the money that his friends use him for, he could not act like that.

423 days ago


Guess PIMPS just can't fight the way they used to. Poor slut got her feelings hurt and her man stood up for her, then laid down for her.

423 days ago

Joshua Katz    

Get the hell out of the Hamptons....... Only real celebrities like Howard Stern, or Billy joel should be in that area. The Hamptons is a classy and elegant place to be at. 19 year olds such as Justin Beiber should not step foot in that area... GTFO

423 days ago

Joshua Katz    

Get out of the Hamptons.... It is a classy and elegant area in Long Island.... People like Justin should respect that atmosphere. And to boot, why are you able to get into clubs at a young age?

423 days ago


"Fake it till you make it"..... He is trying so hard to be a thug it is believable now the way he commands his pack of douches. He is nothing more. Think fake persona has taken over him. He is a worthless thug now. "Fake it till you make it".....

423 days ago


Hopefully the club will lose their liquor license for allowing an underage girl in the club. Everyone knows how old Bieber is and she has no reason to be in a club

423 days ago


He becomes a bigger douche by the day...

423 days ago


And of course, as always, nothing will happen to Bieber again. Its the double standard in society/corrupt cops. Celebrities get away with everything.

Bieber is just as responsible, as they are his "body guards". Usually its Bieber giving the orders also.

423 days ago


So the little dweeb ripped his shirt off...... at least he left his diaper on. The Internet is already drowning in that new pic of Linds lying on the floor half naked - in a pool of her own diarrhea and the tourniquet still on her arm. See? [] We don't want any more celebrity excrement.

423 days ago


I bet if Justin didn't have his crew with him he woulda got his ass kicked, or he'd be out running, just sayin..

423 days ago


Drug-fueled rage associated with Justin Bieber isn't even news any more. Go smoke some more weed and whatever else you think makes you cool.

What IS news: "He [pulled] off his shirt" - No, that's not the news, the news is, he had his shirt on in the first place!

"Just Bieber - Caught in Public With His Shirt On!"

Now that's your headline, with the story being that he found an excuse to whip it off ... again.

423 days ago


This Canadian douche seriously thinks he's Tupac.

423 days ago
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