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Justin Bieber's Crew

Under Investigation

In Nightclub Beatdown

8/5/2013 6:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Justin Bieber's entourage is under investigation for a brutal fight that left a nightclub patron sprawled out in the parking lot and injured badly enough to be taken to a hospital.

The incident occurred outside South Pointe nightclub in Southampton on Sunday at around 3 AM.  Bieber had arrived an hour earlier and inside the club we're told the booze was flowing in the VIP area. 

A girl inside the club tried to speak to Justin but was denied.  She came back with a guy -- the alleged victim -- who apparently had beef with the situation and at that point Justin went nuts, pulling off his shirt and screaming at the dude. 

Justin and crew left the club but in the parking lot things flared up again.  Justin -- who was in his SUV -- jumped through the sunroof onto the hood.  At that point it's unclear what happened, but the alleged victim was knocked out on the cement.

According to cops, Justin's people apparently went after the guy, although we're told the alleged victim was aggressive as well.

An investigation is underway after the alleged victim filed a police report.  Justin is not the target of the investigation -- it's his crew.

Another night out.



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This is ****ing ridiculous. All you EVER post is the negativity. Do you not realize how much he does for charities and how much he gives back to his fans? The kid never even gets a chance to speak for himself. You guys can shove all these rumors up your asses and find something REAL to make a story on.

444 days ago


3 am?!?! Shouldn't you be in bed w/ your stuffed animals @ this time, little BOY???!?!

444 days ago


This Justin B dude is a joke, to busy trying to be something he not. And that's hardcore, enjoy your money and cut out the nonsense. I have twin sons 16 and I'll put my life on it that they will rip Justin a new butt hoe. You can look at him and tell only thing tuff about Justin B is credit. besides that, he's sleeping with his boys if you ask me. Soft Ass

444 days ago


no one gives a **** about you tmz.

444 days ago


Bet the little punk doesn't have that smart mouth when is alone.. *****

444 days ago


In 5 yrs. from now , people are going to say , Justin Who????

444 days ago


You people have nothing better to do I swear, it's funny how some of these r lies like when he so called "spitted" on his fans😂😂😂 ya that's not true ok? I mean for real, it could have landed on the cement or a bush, tmz has no true facts they can make up stuff too. Did you ever think that they could just put the celebrity through a lot with some lies like spitting on fans.

444 days ago


Don't worry folks his sucky ass career will be over soon enough ......he will pay for all his mistakes dearly! !!! He's a loser!

444 days ago

Elizabeth Alan    

Justin if you want the real thug creds, or respect for survival, then check out of Hollywood and gated surveillance communities, and take Lil Twist as your best bro, and try to survive in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, TX - bet LT can even hook you up with a couch or porch somewhere to sleep on. I also bet he will be too ashamed to take you home to meet the folks for he is a poser as well. Otherwise find the real you and be all that you can be and let the rest of this nonsense go. You could make a difference in many a young persons life if you wanted too. Wealth and stupid is like holding sand in your hand - going...

444 days ago


All the shirtlessness and his behavior in recent situations is CLASSIC ROID RAGE.
I'm surprised no one else is picking up on it.

444 days ago


Now that Justinella has the muscle mass of a female gymnast she thinks she can't wait to get into a fight. Knowing that she will get her training bra handed to her it would not surprise me if her handlers don't pay some guy to be a speed bag and get punched by this teenage girl's marshmallow fists. What a clown. Selena has bigger balls.

444 days ago


how muchlonger do we have to hear about this punk. He is a joke

444 days ago

lil me me    

The no body should of got his ass beat

444 days ago


" that point Justin went nuts, pulling off his shirt and screaming..."

Please TMZ you crack me up. Now I'm thinking of the Incredible Hulk but only picturing this scrawny Canadian ripping off his shirt (again) and screaming like a little girl.

444 days ago


Why don't we deport him to Canada and let him sing to the Moose!

444 days ago
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