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Soccer Legend Gary Lineker

Ronaldo Is GREATER

Than Pele Ever Was

8/5/2013 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Lineker is a soccer legend -- he's even been enshrined in England's Football Hall of Fame -- which is why it's a little shocking that someone with his experience and soccer knowledge believes Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Pele.

Lineker -- who's now a popular soccer analyst -- was leaving STK this weekend when we asked how Ronaldo's career compares to Pele's.

"Ronaldo is Ronaldo," Lineker told us ... "He's better than Pele."

Just a quick stat comparison:

Pele -- 614 club goals in 18 years (and that's not even counting his time on the NY Cosmos).
Ronaldo -- 233 club goals in 12 years

Pele -- 3 World Cup titles
Ronaldo -- none.

There's no doubting Ronaldo's an incredible talent. But better than Pele? Really?

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Pele played in a time where no one could defend, scores were higher and I swear their were no off sides( honestly) ! People are bigger, faster and stronger now. It is only the progressions of sports! But, YES, Messi is better then both of them!

415 days ago

China girl    

Gary Lineker sounds like a Real Dumb a$$, maybe he should check the stats before putting his Balls in his mouth

415 days ago


How can Ronaldo win a World Cup title?
Portugal population is 10 million
Brasil is over 200 million now and was this larger than Portugal when Pele played

Pele scored in the times when most of the players were not professionals in the long run
Ronaldo plays with the best of the best professionals

415 days ago


What an IDIOT!!! Today's football training, conditioning and playing techniques are nowhere near what they were when Pele played. That's like comparing computers from the 80's to today. Yes, computers today are faster---and computers 1 year and 10 years from know will be faster and have more bells as whistlers but it doesn't diminished the performance of the existing technology. Poor guy must have flunked his O-exams and had to turn to football.

415 days ago


First off this Gary Lineker look extremely SUSPECT , So what i think he meant is that Ronaldo is GREATER in BED for him than Pele.Because spitting this ridiculous comment is like saying Holyfield is greater than Muhammad Ali.

415 days ago


I'm sure there are many players today that are better than Pele was. It's just evolution and today's players are smarter, faster, quicker, stronger & bigger than they were in the past. Pele was a great player for his time but his time has passed. Also, there wasn't much money to be made when Pele played and now, just like in tennis, kids now think about sports as a job not just for fun so more of them are playing.

415 days ago


@kd## Bro you are not saying anything we don't already know , In CERTAIN SPORTS the athletes today are better than many in past generation , but when it comes to PELE he is GREAT in any GENERATION.No different than a Muhammed ali who would make his presence felt in any generation.

415 days ago


CR7 does have more talent than Pele. Comparing stats is a waste because they didn't play in the same era. Sorry, but today's athlete is physically superior and the training is far superior. The dumbest stat of all though is the 3 WC's to none....Ronaldo plays for Portugal, a minnow with zero WC's. Pele played for the Brazil, a WC powerhouse. I'm guessing Brazil had a better TEAM.

415 days ago


Lineker was talking out of his a**.

415 days ago


This is what happens when a bunch of no nothings start a sports site.

Lineker is referring to Ronaldo Luiz Naxario de Lima...NOT Christano Renaldo.

In the soccer world this mistake is equivalent to confusing Michael B Jordan the Actor from The Wire with Michael Jordan the NBA legend.

414 days ago


If you took Pele in his prime and pitted him against Ronaldo in his best year (arguably two seasons ago), Pele wouldn't stand a chance. Plus the Brazil league at the time when Pele played is nothing compared to the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga now. Think of it like Ronaldo played in the Majors, and Pele played Minor League A ball.

414 days ago


Ronaldo = overrated pretty boy.

414 days ago


I remember LIFE magazine had a real-sized/scale picture of Pele's thigh. HUGE!!

414 days ago


Stats are meaningless... Ronaldo's been playing in top European leagues all his career while Pele played a lot of his games in soft leagues. They also play different positions. You also can't compare world cup records since Ronaldo plays for Portugal who have no history of success and don't provide the same quality of team mates as Pele got playing for Brazil.

414 days ago


Don't you guys think he was talking about the Brazilian Ronaldo?....Not Christiane Ronaldo....

414 days ago
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