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Terrence Howard's Ex

Restraining Order GRANTED

Massive Black Eye [PHOTO]

8/6/2013 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Terrence Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent has just obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor -- claiming he beat her up during a blowout fight in Costa Rica last week -- and she showed up to court Tuesday with a scary black eye.

According to the order, Terrence is forbidden from coming within 100 yards of Michelle pending another hearing later this month. He is also barred from contacting her in any way.

During the hearing, Michelle's lawyer discussed the text messages Michelle allegedly sent to Terrence in May -- threatening to kill him and his family -- but argued they were misleading and incomplete. The mysterious black eye was NOT discussed in court

As for Terrence, he filed his own request for a restraining order, but that was not granted. The judge said the court would hear his side of things at the next hearing.

As we reported, Michelle says Terrence physically abused her during the argument in Costa Rica while she was on vacation with him and his family.

Terrence tells a different story, claiming Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. He insists he never laid a finger on her.


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That's right Californian Celebrity judge, why hear his side when you can draw it out, court$ like it and the attorney$ like it.
Both of these folks sounds like nutcases... and the judge, well... California--that says it all.
What don't you understand or misleading if a person says, "I'm going to kill your family". What, they didn't say, "I'm going to kill your family with a gun?" or "I'm going to walk into your family's house on August 15 with a gun with the intent of killing them, then point it at them and then shoot them" I'd like to see John Jones or Tyrone Jefferson's attorney try that same argument to the same judge and see where that get's them. LOL
The larger question is, these two have been playing rock 'em sock 'em robots for awhile, divorced and hook back up--then HE says they got into your average marital fight. Dude, you're ghetto, men don't sock women-PROVIDED-the woman doesn't hit him... it's called "equality", except in the hypercritical Obama feminized America.

413 days ago


When they divorced it was obvious she was someone to keep away from & would cause him more trouble. It's too bad he's being ignorant.

413 days ago


Look like black shoe polish!

413 days ago


ANY man that hits a woman is nothing but a BIG OLE PU SSY!!!!!

413 days ago


Funny how these "men" never have proud african black queens for wives.

413 days ago


She probably hit herself and is looking for more money. I do not sympathize with her at all in this situation, as she knew what she was going back to...this is a typical money grab and she is playing the game and he is falling for it.

413 days ago

charlei harper    

bitches be crazy...I got your back jack

413 days ago


Did anyone check if it's eyeshadow or mascara?
Hasn't she heard that if he hits, don't go back?

413 days ago


Terrence Howard's Ex Restraining Order GRANTED Massive Black Eye...................i DON'T Know How Terrence Howard Keeps Getting Hired as an Actor When Studios Could Be Hiring Oscar-Winner Cuba Gooding JR instead.........Gooding is a Better Man and a Better Actor...

413 days ago


Terrance Howard beats women up! Women should boycott his films. This is the 3rd or 4th time he's been accused of beating up womaen he claims he loves. Yeah, he loves to beat them. He's a liar & the people closest to him know it. His P.R. firm is in overdrive to discredit these women. This is his M.O. Are we talking about the next O.J. Maybe!! Terrance has real mental problems. This is an open secret in Hollywood. Terrance beats up woman. I hope every producer & director takes notice!! I will never see anything this abuser is in.

413 days ago


The Butler did it.

413 days ago


Just the one Bruised eye ? If he was that violent should she have others signs of abuse ? Emma Roberts went to Jail and she was banged up her self !

413 days ago


I knew he was lying. Can't stand to hear men say she threatened me like she is "The Rock" and he has to protect himself. Even if she threatened him, this was NOT the way to handle it. Quit going back to him girl!

413 days ago


Why in the hell are they spending any time together since they are divorced and the abuse that went with it?

413 days ago


She needs another to match and for allowing herself back into this position! No sympathy, no one cares! Battered broads love getting battered. At this point just move the eff on you slug bitch!

413 days ago
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