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Terrence Howard's Ex

Restraining Order GRANTED

Massive Black Eye [PHOTO]

8/6/2013 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Terrence Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent has just obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor -- claiming he beat her up during a blowout fight in Costa Rica last week -- and she showed up to court Tuesday with a scary black eye.

According to the order, Terrence is forbidden from coming within 100 yards of Michelle pending another hearing later this month. He is also barred from contacting her in any way.

During the hearing, Michelle's lawyer discussed the text messages Michelle allegedly sent to Terrence in May -- threatening to kill him and his family -- but argued they were misleading and incomplete. The mysterious black eye was NOT discussed in court

As for Terrence, he filed his own request for a restraining order, but that was not granted. The judge said the court would hear his side of things at the next hearing.

As we reported, Michelle says Terrence physically abused her during the argument in Costa Rica while she was on vacation with him and his family.

Terrence tells a different story, claiming Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. He insists he never laid a finger on her.


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Violence runs in the family; his father's a killer.

451 days ago


He is a POS woman beater

451 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Hit you ONCE, shame on HIM, Hit you TWICE, shame on YOU. He's beat you before...why in the hell are you even talking to his wife beating azz? Violence is a deal breaker. If it happens even get get the hellz out!!! Why would a woman have such low self esteem that she stays with a man who beats her so bad he gives her a black eye? This guy is a POS btw...big time.

451 days ago


1 week later and her eye is still black? Really? I have no idea about these people but come on... No way he did that!

451 days ago


didn't she see hustle and flow???

451 days ago


I guess the b*tch didn't learn her lesson!

451 days ago


Terrance Howard is a dirtbag. He's had multiple domestic violence in his background. Victims of domestic violence have trouble getting away from these doushbags. I'm sorry I'll never do it again. They always do. The public ends up blaming the women bc, like O.J. we want to believe them. This guy is a classic batterer. She probably tried to get away from him by macing him. Bet that came after a few smacks or kicks--Sound familiar Terrance? He's not charged bc it was in front of his family. Then it becomes he said she said-No charges!! This was for a restraining order not a criminal charge. He's going to get caught. They always do. The COWARD Mr Howard.

451 days ago

Foxy Lady    

This is the same idiot that went on tv ranting that "if a woman doesn't have scented babywipes in her bathroom, he'll question just how clean she is" What an ass, but I don't feel sorry for the women who know who and want relationships, then that ass gets beat! Got to big for his britches in IronMan, and the replaced him with Cheedle. No where as good looking, but great rep in Hollywood!

451 days ago


As contentious as their divorce was why in the hick did he take her on vacation with him? These two must love the make up sex stuff.

451 days ago


She still got a black eye 1week

451 days ago


She didn't learn her lesson...she still has one eye that isn't black. Psycho birch probably did it to her self, them tried to blame him for it. She has been ADMITTED into a looney bin before.

451 days ago


Of course she is not wearing sunglasses while arriving to court.

451 days ago


Why did he allow her to go on vacation after he the divorce was done & she was out of his life !!!!

If someone attacked me a few days after our wedding day.. there is no way in hell I would vacation with him !!

451 days ago


Pack ur suitcase for vacation: Slippers, bikini, hat, suntan oil, mace In case...Bipolar pills...geesh!

450 days ago


A MAN .... doesn't hit a woman for any reason, If he does then he's no man.

450 days ago
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