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Terrence Howard's Ex

Restraining Order GRANTED

Massive Black Eye [PHOTO]

8/6/2013 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Terrence Howard's ex-wife Michelle Ghent has just obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor -- claiming he beat her up during a blowout fight in Costa Rica last week -- and she showed up to court Tuesday with a scary black eye.

According to the order, Terrence is forbidden from coming within 100 yards of Michelle pending another hearing later this month. He is also barred from contacting her in any way.

During the hearing, Michelle's lawyer discussed the text messages Michelle allegedly sent to Terrence in May -- threatening to kill him and his family -- but argued they were misleading and incomplete. The mysterious black eye was NOT discussed in court

As for Terrence, he filed his own request for a restraining order, but that was not granted. The judge said the court would hear his side of things at the next hearing.

As we reported, Michelle says Terrence physically abused her during the argument in Costa Rica while she was on vacation with him and his family.

Terrence tells a different story, claiming Michelle maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. He insists he never laid a finger on her.


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Men always beat up on women Why?Because they can't beat up another man, they're not tough enough. But little fragile women they can feel big and macho. But it only shows what pathetic human beings they are.
The Liberals complains that Conservatives have an all out war on women Why?,Because Conservatives feel a baby that has been conceived has a right to live. The REAL war on women are men who wants to feel big and tough, but they are nothing but little pathetic peons.

441 days ago


WHO are these people? Do they get on here and pictures made because she has a black eye? Spousal abuse is nothing to make light of.
I don't know WHO either one is, but that's not important. Some people should NOT be together, they are toxic to each other.

441 days ago


They both sound like losers to me.

441 days ago


for THE LIFE OF ME I ONLY WISH THESE SO CALLED MEN WOULD JUMP OFF ON THE RIGHT WOMAN. Then they could see what a woman can do. Let the slapping begin and bet you they get the ones that do not slap back. I would take a bat and out the ball field I would go. What are they thinking about Hit the right woman and they would see what I mean.

441 days ago


RE: terrance Howard. Michelle Ghent is a victim of domestic violence. Why in the heck did TMZ (whom was trusted with the story not read the court filling. It's of public record. It states clearly that her black eye is directly caused by her ex husband's attack. I saw the filing & TMZ shoud have too. Harvey must have forgotten that the details are always in the court filings. Not brought up in the hearing is typical of the process. U should correct that on air, after u read the do***ent. Further, Ms Ghent has a press release that was drafted after TMZ went on air & is available from her attny. Do ur homework.

441 days ago


There is a fine line between love and hate. The same chemical They need some tools to learn how to deal with their anger. its an adrenaline surge that puts you in a 'fight or flight' mode. It takes 10 seconds for the brain to correct itself. There actually is something to counting to 10 and walking away. It is chemical.

441 days ago


What is it with these black male celebs, that they think beating a woman is okay? NOT ACCEPTABLE, OJ Simpson, Chris Brown, Terrence Howard!

441 days ago


If he is innocent, he should want to stay away from her anyhow. And if he is guilty, he has to stay away from her.

441 days ago


I saw a movie, where a woman did physical harm to herself to get back at a man, she felt had misused
her. If a person is known to be contrary stay away from them.

441 days ago


Terrence needs to be a man and fight one then we will see who has the black eye. This isn't the first time he had beaten someone. He is the equivalent to a older Chris Brown. GET HELP OR GO AWAY!

441 days ago


What did she expect when she married a little black guy , that is what they do!

441 days ago


If he didn't hit, how'd she get the d@mn black eye??? Huh??? You about to learn what it means to be black in America Terrance.

441 days ago



441 days ago


So, why is it that she can have a restraining order and he can't when she willingly went on a trip with him to Costa Rica? However, if he's supposed to stay away from her then why isn't it automatic that she should stay away from him? The person with the restraining order can provoke the other party by deliberately showing up at the same places with impunity.

441 days ago


it's very sad about Terrence. This is not the first time he has done this.. he has a history of domestic disputs and run ins with the law. i love his acting, and to look at him, you would think he was a very nice man, but he does have a record, and he is abusive.
i pray he will get the help he needs, before it's too late, and he messes up his life and career. Terrence, please get some help, it's no shame to need help, we all need help in various areas. the shame is knowing you need help and not getting it.

441 days ago
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