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Terrence Howard's Ex

He Sucker Punched Me

8/6/2013 3:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard
's ex-wife filed legal docs with a graphic allegation -- that the actor sucker punched her in the face, grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall.

In the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Michelle Ghent alleges the brutality occurred during a trip last week to Costa Rica.  She says the fight started after she told Terrence she had no interest in firing up a relationship with him -- they divorced in May.

Michelle says after Terrence hit her, he glared at her and walked over to a bedside table where he kept 2 curved knives -- 4-6 inches in length.

Michelle says she panicked and then pepper sprayed him.  At that point she claims Terrence knocked her down and then kicked her repeatedly in the head.

In addition to the black eye, Michelle says she suffered contusions and swelling.
And, she says, he referred to a prior warning he had given her on a trip to Bora Bora -- threatening to kill her. 

For his part, Terrence claims in his legal docs that she made up the story to damage him, timing it for his movie premiere of "The Butler."  Terrence claims she threatened to kill him and he believes she's serious.  He also says she's been admitted to a psych hospital in the past.

Michelle got a temporary restraining order Tuesday, requiring Terrence to stay clear of her.


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BB not bb    

It seems he tried to beat her to death the way Chris Brown did to Rihanna. She has a long lump from the top to them bottom of her forehead in the last picture, the area above her elbow is deeply bruised, and she has abrasions across her nose and a black eye.

It looks like what happened to Rihanna. At least this creep was overwhelmed with the mace in his eyes so he couldn't do more. That was very smart of her to be ready and fight back. She needs to keep that attitude.

This guy is a hateful low-life even blaming her for attacking him instead. Some people really have over inflated ego syndrome. They think they can attack whoever they want and then blame the victim besides.

She really doesn't look able to attack anyone. I don't think he sees her as a threat to anything but his worthless pride.

406 days ago


hey stupid, if you had no interest in him, why were you there?

406 days ago


Let me start by saying I'm not a huge fan of Terrance Howard but I do think he is a decent actor.

I do have questions:

1. Why would you go away with a man you divorced? It's over, move on.

2. Did she contact the local authorities in Costa Rica?

3. Why would you go away with your ex who physically abused and threatened you before go away?

Don't put yourself in a position to be around someone who has hurt you before.

406 days ago


If you look at the two of the pictures she seems to be missing a black eye!?

406 days ago


Comparing the pictures, notice how she has a black eye in some pictures and it disappears in others?

406 days ago


Why would she go with him on a trip when he supposedly beat her before? Battered women are just that BATTERED!

406 days ago


From a couple of friends I know who had met him while filming years back (They were extras in one of his movie) he's a douchebag and a diva on set. He also gave my friend his number and kept flirting and telling her to go back to his trailer with him. This is also when he was still married. So I don't doubt he's an ******* and is capable of hitting a woman.

406 days ago


Dudking a LOT of sense man, I mean like wow!

406 days ago


Implying that if he had first taken a fighting stance that she would have counterpunched his lights out?

406 days ago


As Judge Judy would say, If he threatened to Kill you on your previous trip to Bora Bora, WHY would you go with him to Costa Rica? And why would you go on an trio with him?....Sorry, don't believe her. She sounds nuts

406 days ago


Not defending him at this point... but.... if she divorced him because of violence, and if she had no desire to rekindle a relationship, then why did she go on a vacation with him? What did she THINK would happen (based upon her previous allegations?)

406 days ago


Shouldn't have to tell a bitch twice!

406 days ago


Wait you're surprised, he has been beating up his wife for years. Oh yea, thats right you guys only care about Chris Brown's incident 5 years ago. The media nor America gives a damn about domestic violence unless they can benefit off it. So sad.

406 days ago


Why were these idiots together in Costa Rica in the first place????

406 days ago


Now you can all get off of Chris Brown.

406 days ago
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