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Usher's Son

Life Saved

By Unlikely Hero

8/6/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Usher's son was saved from drowning by the last-second heroics ... of an audio-visual contractor who was working at his house. We'll tell you how he pulled off nothing short of a miracle.

Plus, Terrence Howard's denial of assaulting his ex takes a serious blow -- when she shows up to court with a nasty black eye. Whose story do you believe now?

And, Charlie Sheen debuts his new group of half-naked goddesses -- and after a lot of hard work ... we figured out the ladies' dirty, sexy secrets. 

(0:00) Usher's son nearly drowned -- but was saved at the last minute by a random guy working at the house. Someone deserves a tip.
(6:00) Terrence Howard's ex shows up to court with a black eye -- but it's never mentioned in open court. Why?
(10:00) Chris Brown sneaks into jail ... we'll tell you how he used a Hollywood club to put it all behind him.
(15:00) Awkward -- Oprah greets Erin Andrews by mentioning her Peeping Tom incident.
(18:00) Shaquille O'Neal and Mike Epps both got the crazy Amber Alert on their phone that we did ... one staffer explains the system's major flaw.
(24:00) Charlie Sheen's new goddesses -- we know their XXX past.
(29:00) The first non-white "Bachelor" ... is basically white. Nice try.
(32:00) The guy who almost bowled a perfect game (until the rack came down and ruined it) ... he joins us to explain what happened ... and to drop a bombshell about his history with perfect games.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) The sexiest surfing twerk video of all time ... Move over Miley!

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If you know anything about Terrance Howard and his ex history , You would know that they are both Unpredictable and crazy . .. She calls him the N word and Issues threats to blackmail him , they brawl and fight - And then , they go have dinner ..I honestly do not know who to believe ..

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

Terrence Howard? I guess i'm out of touch, don't watch a lot of movies.

407 days ago

Wow ...    

Thank you Eugene, you are a hero!!! What a blessing they were there to help and save this little boy's life. Thoughts, well wishes and all things positive for him.

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

Skyper has siding inside her house or she's out on the patio.

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

I'd say a million dollars each would be a good reward for the two men who saved the kid. Which would be nothing to Usher, but would change their lives.

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

Chris doesn't have any talent to make music, real music that is.

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

this andrews gal has the most annoying voice.

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

i pick a day to show up and nobody's here, too hot for golf. 109 heat index today ............
tumble weeds . . . . . . . . . . ... .. . . ... . . . . . .... .

407 days ago


if you dont want Amber Alert on your iPhone just go to settings and disable it!!!! -___-

407 days ago


RE: Surfer twerking:

At the 1:06 mark I swear I thought the person taking of their top with the long blonde hair and sunglasses was your blonde surfer guy at TMZ, then it was a girl.(bikini top?) or was it him? Bikini top and all?

Person seems to like what they are seeing and undresses. Your guy would do that right? Funny. Sure looks like him

407 days ago

Wow ...    

Thank you Skyper, Gary, and Mike. People can turn notifications OFF. Although I can understand the surprise from people who didn't know, perhaps they should have made a public announcement and an opt in option.

407 days ago


WTH is up with you guys? Harvey you're being crazy. Amber Alerts have been around for years & have saved several kids lives. I've gotten them on my home cable service before. Do you turn off the government / nws emergency warnings too?

407 days ago

Jeanne Tutt    

thank god those guys were there and able to get him out in time. having had a pool I can envision the situation with the 5 year old and how scary that must have been. I can also see for the parents how they can be having bad flashbacks to last year at least the mom to losing her 11 year old son to a water accident.

Hopefully he continues on the mend and leaves the hospital soon! thank you to the two men that were able to get him free!

407 days ago


It's NEVER been lonely nights for Charlie.

407 days ago

Flying Blind    

let's see, harvey know charles is on vacation. knows mike is the guest host and wears a black shirt.

407 days ago
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