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Tameka Raymond

Usher's Decision Almost

Killed Our Kid

8/7/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she blames the singer for the near-death pool accident that landed their 5-year-old in ICU.

In the docs, Tameka claims Usher Raymond V was left unsupervised in the swimming pool when his arm got stuck in the drain.  Tameka says Usher delegated his supervisory responsibilities to his aunt ... who she believes was not on the ball.

Tameka, who is asking for temporary primary custody of their two children, says it's typical that Usher delegates responsibility for their kids ... because he's out of town 85% of the time every month.

What's more, she says Usher had fired every caregiver who was on staff when he was awarded primary custody ... and she's clearly saying the replacements are not up to snuff.

In the documents, which were filed Tuesday -- the day after the pool accident -- Tameka wants decision-making power over the children's education, healthcare, religion and extracurricular activities.

The hearing has been set for Friday at 2pm ET.



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This bitch is out of control.. but her OWN LOGIC she is 100% responsible for her others sons DEATH. What a psychopath. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. The child SURVIVED clearly he was being supervised or no one would have gotten in in time to save him.

444 days ago


I was originally pleased when Usher was awarded full custody, however I now am not so sure custody was awarded to the parent who has the best interest of the children at heart. My reasons for custody are not based on the horrible pool incident, but are based on the lack of parental time usher is accused of not putting into his obligations towards the boys. It seems as if these two kids have everything money can buy yet lack the most important thing of all, which is good parents who are protecting them 24/7

444 days ago


Countless people entrust their children to daycare providers, whether they be relatives or daycare centers and accidents will happen. As a parent and grandparent, I was relieved to hear this little boy was doing fine. Usher, his aunt and house keeper did nothing wrong.
Thanks again Eugene for saving this child.

444 days ago


This could have happened to any child and any parent, and it does. He was deemed the better parent, and unless a judge says otherwise, he still is. Especially so soon after this happened, this mother should just be focused on the child's healing and not this crap.

444 days ago


Tameka does have a point in that a second baby of hers could have dies while in Usher's care. She does not seem like a nice lady but she is a mom and I don't see how anyone could survive the heart break of losing two children to carelessness.

444 days ago

Just Jay    

You know usher's mother is saying I told you so with this beyotch. Go get some more Brazilian lipo honey. Spending her child support on an attorney, that's neglect!

444 days ago


Tameka is trash.

444 days ago


This woman is just upset the "child support" gravy train isnt flowing as freely as it once did. Shes probably also pissed bc Usher dumped her ratchet self.

444 days ago


Both son's accidents were not caused by either parent or because they were not being supervised by an adult. They were accidents that can happen to anyone.

444 days ago


I gotta say this.. First - the aunt WAS watching the child!! The little guy went to get a toy by the drain. He got his hand stuck - the aunt jumped in to free him but couldn't!! She tried - thats when she started screaming for help and contractors at the house heard her and jumped in to help. Thank God they knew CPR and saved the poor little guy. This was a terrible thing to have happened, but it was not because she wasn't watching him. As another commentor said it was an OLD drain that required a cover because of these type of accidents! Don't blame Usher for this - blame him for Justin Bieber ok...

444 days ago


You go girl! It pays to squeeze out two brats from some fug singer. Get those dollar bills Tameka! Don't hat the player. Hate the game!

444 days ago


I don't know if this woman is a gold digger or not and I don't know anything about their divorce/custody issues. However, I kind of see her side on this one. She has already lost one son due to the father making a questionable decision--I'm not sure I would have let a kid on that lake with all those jet skis, etc. A lot of potential for danger there. Perhaps the aunt is not fully aware of all the dangers of a pool, such as allowing a child to dive near the drain to pick some up off the bottom. That's very dangerous and clearly there should have been a cover on the drain. Basic stuff. At the very least, Usher should get a nanny or whatever who is very familiar with pools and pool safety. That would make all the kids who go in that pool safer.

444 days ago


When you and Usher were together, you delegated responsibility to the maids and nannies, even though you were just 1 room away. You did not see your kids 95% of the time because you were too busy counting the money you were robbing Usher of.

444 days ago


I have been swimming in pools my whole life, and never seen a drain that you can get an arm stuck in. What the hell kind of drain was this? All drains are covered..... And if not, where was the cover and why was a child swimming in a pool with no cove on a drain? Never heard of a drain not being covered...

444 days ago


One kid dead, tragedy, second almost died, suspicious. What is wrong with that woman? Hasn't learned her lesson the first go-round?

444 days ago
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