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Tameka Raymond

Usher's Decision Almost

Killed Our Kid

8/7/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she blames the singer for the near-death pool accident that landed their 5-year-old in ICU.

In the docs, Tameka claims Usher Raymond V was left unsupervised in the swimming pool when his arm got stuck in the drain.  Tameka says Usher delegated his supervisory responsibilities to his aunt ... who she believes was not on the ball.

Tameka, who is asking for temporary primary custody of their two children, says it's typical that Usher delegates responsibility for their kids ... because he's out of town 85% of the time every month.

What's more, she says Usher had fired every caregiver who was on staff when he was awarded primary custody ... and she's clearly saying the replacements are not up to snuff.

In the documents, which were filed Tuesday -- the day after the pool accident -- Tameka wants decision-making power over the children's education, healthcare, religion and extracurricular activities.

The hearing has been set for Friday at 2pm ET.



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all about the money    

In other words she is trying to take advantage of the situation to get full custody of their kids along with a huge child support check to spend on herself.

441 days ago


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441 days ago


Usher didnt become famous overnight its obvious the judge that granted Usher Full custody was/is aware of who Usher is and his schedule ... Its obvious that even with him " being away 85% " of the time he was granted custody Because he is a better parent over the old gold digger

441 days ago


A little girl got her whole insides ripped out where I am from because of a pool drain. Its so sad that this happened to this little boy and I hope he is ok. They need a co parenting class...

441 days ago


This whole situation is sad. Thank God the boy is okay. its obviously a tough situation bc the father intrusted care of his son to a family member and they werent properly watching the boy. Thats dual neglence on the mothers perspective but in the same right accidents happen. Who is to say that could not have happened on her watch?

441 days ago

Ricardo Marquez    

which one is Usher the guy on the right or the guy on the left with sunglasses

441 days ago


WHATEVER!! Who cares? People fall in love and have kids and then drag out messy divorces and then split custody of kids who then have summertime accidents in pools all the time... why do we have to hear about every inch of these people's lives? Usher = we all love you, we all wish you'd stayed with Chili... now I'll bet you do too. Good grief! enough already- the little boy's going to be ok, BE THANKFUL that you didn't lose another son and get on with your life.

441 days ago


SHe is the last person who should be pointing the finger. Not to be cruel...but who whose custody was her son under??

441 days ago


She's not a gold digger people! She was a fashion stylist to the stars when they first got together! So money wasn't what she was after!

441 days ago


She was after that strong ding a ling that usher is rumored to have... Lmao... I could not resist.

441 days ago


It's interesting that all of the media outlets reference Usher getting home in time to ride the ambulance with his kid. But they don't tell how the mother, Tameka fell to the ground and fainted when told of the information. So the whit media wants people to know about Usher's parental empathy and care, but not about the mother's. SMDH at this racist media and its followers.

441 days ago


she has five kids.. three kids from glover and two kids from usher.. she divorced glover in 2007 and had to give court ordered visitation of kyle glover to the father.. her son kyly died while on court ordered visitation with his father..

now she gotta worry this father usher gonna drown her other two smaller kids..

good grief..people

441 days ago


She says this as if she would be around the kids 110% of the time. This could have happened to anyone.

441 days ago


didn't her kid die in a freak accident? shall we play the blame game?

441 days ago


She need to go sit her old incompetent behind down somewhere with all that,he wasnt there that was an.accident puuuuuhlease too childish smh

441 days ago
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