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Ransom to Nicki Minaj:


I Never Said I Wrote Your Songs

8/8/2013 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj completely OVERREACTED when she blasted her old friend Ransom in public this week ... so says Ransom who tells TMZ the whole beef is one giant misunderstanding.

Ransom was out in NYC last night and finally explained what he meant in his new song "Man Alone" when he rapped that he was "doing verses" for Nicki before she made it big.

"What I meant was, she used to call me to get on her songs," Ransom says ... "I meant that we did verses TOGETHER. I did verses for her records."

Of course, the lyrics were interpreted by as a diss on Nicki -- the site believes he was taking credit for ghostwriting her songs.

But Ransom says that's all B.S. -- "I never wrote no songs for her."

Ransom says he tried to watch the video of Nicki going off on him earlier this week -- in which she calls him a "f**king desperate" liar -- but he says it was too "disrespectful."

080813_nicki_minaj_sub_launchIt's clear Ransom was hurt by what Nicki said -- telling TMZ they were pretty tight back in the day and did a bunch of songs together.

The question now -- is it possible for the two to mend their relationship? Or is it beyond repair?


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Tmz you twisted that **** to get a rise out of nicki not cool tmz not cool... btw she a disrespectful bitch since she made it big.. guarantee she was a big ole c*m guzzler at 1 point...

420 days ago


TMZ just sarting sh**. If there is no news just create some. Pretty low to lie to someone just to get a rise out of them. Only an idiot would see those lyrics and assume they meant the guy was saying he wrote verses for her.

420 days ago


A three year old should NOT be a nicki minaj fan.

420 days ago


she overreacted, because she does use ghostwriters

420 days ago

Fred Farkel    

She is a disgusting and despicable excuse for a human being. The way that POS has terrorized her co-workers is pure ghetto. It made me SICK to sit there and watch her producers and co-hosts pander to that smelly piece of human excrement.

And once again... many thanks to all the Obama voters out there who make this possible. You all got exactly what you wanted.

Oh and BTW. How's that free healthcare plan coming along for you?? Do you think Minaj gives one f*ck about her peoples??


Well then. Oops.

420 days ago


They are NOT songs. They're rapcrap. There is a difference. A BIG difference.

420 days ago


You knew this person, why would you go off half ****ed from hearsay from a camera man? How about show some thought, because once words comes out u can't take them back. I guess the papps got the response they wanted.

420 days ago


Well it must have been someone else because that skank can't even speak, someone puts words in her mouth along with other things.

420 days ago


The woman is a spoiled, loudmouthed diva bitch

420 days ago


Why doesn't he bitch about her calling him a ******? If she was white he sure would be.

420 days ago


My take is the paps started the "fued" and Nicki fell for it.

420 days ago

Sticky Icky    

Can't disappear soon enough. Her voice has ruined multiple songs for me. Btw nobody believes that is your real arse.

420 days ago


I blame TMZ for instigating the whole thing. Throwing "facts" out before they even knew WTF they were talking about.

420 days ago


what did you expect? she is like a public school on a sunday. NO CLASS!

420 days ago


Nicki shut the **** up everyone knows you've had ghost writers for years. And you're reputation is questionable to be claiming you're undisputed. Be serious bitch, you're a bad reflection on New York and Trinidad. You're name is a ****ing insult to the nation. ****ing republican. And Anybody who has a problem with this comment can take a fat one to the ass. #bitches

420 days ago
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