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Selma Blair

Very Public Breastfeeding

8/9/2013 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Selma Blair is mixing fun bags with shopping bags -- the former "Anger Management" star was unabashedly breastfeeding in plain sight at one of the biggest shopping spots in L.A. like it was no big deal.

Blair was spotted at The Grove with her 2-year-old son ... pumping the kid full of breast milk on a trolley, surrounded by shoppers.

The move is interesting ... considering earlier this week, a Chick-fil-A in Tennessee came under fire when an employee asked a mother to stop nursing her 5-month-old kid where other people could see.

Clearly, Selma's not shy when it comes to the matter -- but we gotta ask ...


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Breastfeeding a 2 year old is totally normal and good for the child. Anyone who thinks differently clearly hasn't bothered to get the facts or data on children's health. If you thinks its obscene - don't look. Its really quite simple. I applaud her for doing what is best for her child.

406 days ago


Breast feed away but cover it up sheesh! They have special breast feeding blankets so you can cover your nips while in public.

406 days ago


I love when people say "if your baby is hungry what else are you to do but breast feed it?!" Ever heard of a BREAST PUMP ladies? You are I'm sure well aware that you can pump your breast milk so IF your child is hungry in public, you can pull out the damn bottle and give it to your kid. I hate when women act like there is no other way to feed their child. And I'm a woman saying this. And yes, that kid is too damn old to be breastfed. Why do you think human beings develop TEETH?

406 days ago

Norma Desomd    

How old is that kid????geeeze

406 days ago

Verdi e Amarello    

Get over it people!

406 days ago

BB not bb    

People are crazy to suggest there is something sexual about a two year old nursing from his mom. Two year olds are not sexual you perverts. They are hungry. This is not a twelve year old.

406 days ago


What's with the black box? Grow the F up. All of you making sexual joke grow up too. PATHETIC!

406 days ago


Don't you morons have anything better to write about? Geeeezzzz

406 days ago


LMAO AT TMZ. The CHILD, is the ONLY one in this piece that is Doing what breasts were DESIGNED to do, Feed children!!!!, breasts are Not OWNED by men and they Should have 0 to say about what Any woman CHOOSES to do with them. I think it's worth noting that, just below the piece is a picture of someone bent over with Dental Floss on, I hear no out-cry about that!!! Too funny, you Americans.

406 days ago


Grow up!! You are all immature idiots with your lame sexual jokes. It is how babies are supposed to be fed. And what is with the black box TMZ? You have no problem showing nip slips and ass cracks but you drawn the line on breastfeeding? LMAO Harvey grow up!

406 days ago


How ignorant are some people?! Yeah it's perfectly fine to breast feed in public. It takes a lot of courage and not giving a fk to do it this openly and I think it's great. I used to be a woman who thought it was gross to breast feed until I did it myself and now I wouldn't give my children anything else until they're ready. I am so tired of this debate. If you don't like it don't look! People complain about this more then they do a mother ditching her kids to go fill her nose!!! Sickening people.

406 days ago


How many lawyers do you have on your staff? Are they all ignorant of CA law? This should be a non story. This is completely legal in CA and should not be an issue for anyone.

406 days ago


I don't have a problem with breastfeeding in public but wonder why TMZ has to take and post pictures of it.

406 days ago


This picture doesn't exactly prove she is breastfeeding, slow news day TMZ!!

406 days ago


My issue isn't with the boob out its that the kid is clearly old enough to chew his food quite fine. if they are old enough to ask for it they are too old to be drinking it.

406 days ago
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