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Famous Ex-Scientologists

Leah Remini's A Hero

8/10/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leah Remini
is the new QUEEN of the ex-Scientologists -- according to two famous defectors ... because she had the iron gonads to stand up to the Church.

As you know ... Leah filed a missing person's report with the LAPD ... claiming Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige ... hadn't been seen for 6 years.  Detectives found Shelly and determined she's fine.

Marc and Claire Headley -- two outspoken, former high-ranking Scientologists are praising Leah for her testicular fortitude. Claire tells us, "Shelly was seen for the first time in 7 years. At least we know she's alive."

Claire is skeptical that Shelly is exercising free will, and believes the outreach by Leah will show Shelly that people care about her "on the outside."

Marc believes Shelly was "trotted out" to LAPD officers by Scientology handlers, but a source connected to the Church tells TMZ that's ridiculous.  The LAPD also tells TMZ ... they have concluded Shelly is not being held against her will.


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I admire Leah for standing up to these evil, crazy cult-like weirdos. The celebrities pay them millions to be "audited" and treated like they are in the "in" club. They should use the money to help mankind by assisting the less fortunate. I will pay to see anything she is in.

376 days ago


If this science fiction crap is a church then I'm the pope.

376 days ago


OK... TMZ test! Pass or FAIL!! Get a current photograph of Shelly Miscavige. The ultimate 'get.' Will wait on how good your investigative reporting with pictures is, or not. Do it!!! High five to Leah. Braveheart Award well earned.

376 days ago


WHO CAN FORGET John Travolta as lovable Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back Kotter, a man from a lovely Italian family (I believe from the Bronx) end up as a member of a Cult like Scientology??? It does not make sense. What happened to this beautiful man who Princess Diana chose to dance with her, many years ago??? I can understand a "SHOW-OFF" like Tom Cruise, but, NOT John Travolta. He does not seem to, "fit the bill!" Hopefully, he will comment, unless, Scientology goes after him!!!

376 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

seriously. scientology is nooo joke. they will bhuck you up.

376 days ago


The reason why Tom Cruse can't keep a woman? Scientology or gay. Maybe a lot of both.

376 days ago

Sensible Person    

THANK YOU TMZ for covering this story. Please don't stop now. The LAPD says the case is closed -- but TMZ, come on, you guys know better! Put your people on it. PLEASE find this woman and give us the REAL scoop! You guys are the only ones with the balls to do it. Now doooooo eeeeeet pleeeease!!!!

376 days ago


acourse shelly being held against her will..i bet she was told to keep her mouth shut..i bet david Miscavige and tom cruise are each others bed warmers..

376 days ago


and for this Leah will meet her demise!

375 days ago


Leah Remini is to be commended. She is one of the few who stayed friends with others who had left Scientology before she did. Sadly, I'm guessing that courtesy won't be returned.

375 days ago

You go girl...

375 days ago


Inattentional blindness occurs when we don't ask questions and our mind is content. Leah, keep fighting the fight for Shelly.

I don't have an opinion on Scientology, but I do have concern for members who are silenced for unknown reasons.

The difference between David Miscavige and David Koresh is a suit and financial backing. Happy people don't have the eyes of the devil.

Finally, I hope someone will post the video of Shelly meeting with LAPD.

375 days ago

JP Stone    

Dude these People actually believe dead alien souls hunt our bodies and that's what causes us to feel depressed, get sick, and all other manners of badness in life. You got to pay a grip of money to get their "auditing" and if you are unable to afford it you have to become what amount to indentured servitude and work for the Church to work off the cost of the Auditing. I'm sorry I think L. Ron Hubbard was loony and created this as a money maker and if he believed in that stuff he is cra-cra

375 days ago


The LAPD once again have the eyes of the world on them over this case. Let's all see this woman ... let's hear her speak ... If anything should ever happen to Leah both the LAPD and the Scientologists will feel the full wrath of social media.

375 days ago


WHY would ANYONE believe a WORD the Scientologists say? They ALWAYS claim that ANYONE who drops out of their CULT is crazy or demented etc. According to them, they are the ONLY sane ones!

You go Leah! I can't wait for your book to come because I have NEVER read ANYTHING positive about these nuts!

375 days ago
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